Friday, April 11, 2008

Liberals Should be Allowed to Realize their Dream by Voluntarily Paying Higher Taxes

I just received an email forwarded to me from Paul Pak, current Secretary of our Pima County YR Club, that I just had to share with all of you. The email sent to Paul was from Republican Congressman John Campbell who represents the Newport Beach, California in the US Congress.

I think that Congressman Campbell has a great idea. We shouldn't stand in the way of wealthy liberals realizing their dream of voluntarily paying even more money in taxes to help pay for all of the government programs that they so love. So, call Gabrielle Giffords and Raul Grijalva and tell them if the bill gets to the floor that we'd love for them to vote for the bill.


(From Congressman Campbell)

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Earlier this week, Senator Hillary Clinton said "We didn't ask for George Bush's tax cuts. We didn't want them and we didn't need them." Earlier this year, Warren Buffett testified before Congress saying in part "I think we need to....take a little more out of the hides of guys like me." Barbara Streisand once said "Republicans cater to the rich. I'd rather pay more taxes, see social reform, health care and research for AIDS."

All of these people could have voluntarily paid more in taxes. But they chose not to. Maybe that's because it is not easy or clear how you can pay extra taxes if you want to.

I am here to help. This week, I introduced the "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Act." Under this bill, a line would be added to the tax form 1040 which would easily allow you to add as much additional tax as you would like over the amount that has been computed. Furthermore, you can call for the money to be spent rather than just applied to pay down the deficit. Under this bill, all those people who want to see the Bush tax cuts repealed could easily pay that extra tax. After all, shouldn't they lead by example?

Yep, the Clintons, Obamas, Streisand, Buffett, Charlie Rangel can all pay more tax to show us they mean it and they can fund their favorite earmarks or whatever Congress wants to fund with that money.

Just don't ask the rest of us, through government fiat, to pay what you want to pay and fund what you want to fund.

By the way, Senator Clinton was invited to the press conference we had to introduce this bill. I didn't see her there. Maybe her "check got lost in the mail?"

Pigs: Last week, Citizens Against Government Waste introduced their annual "Pig Book" with all of the worst "pork" and worst "porkers" in Congress. I could tell you about it in writing here, but I appeared on Fox News last Sunday to talk about it. So, here is that 5 minute clip about what's in the "Pig Book" and what it means. Oink.

Until next week, I remain respectfully,

Congressman John Campbell

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  1. There have been a couple of attempts to pass something like this at the state level... the current one is HB 2339.