Monday, September 29, 2008

Come Join the Pima YRs watch Governor Palin rock the house @ our Vice Presidential Debate Watching Party!

As was discussed during our last meeting, the Pima County Young Republicans will be hosting debate watching parties for all three Presidential debates & for the lone Vice Presidential debate.

And in what could be the most exciting event yet of the 2008 Presidential campaign, Governor Sarah Palin, the groundbreaking Republican Nominee for Vice President of the United States, will compete in her first & only debate of this campaign cycle this Thursday, October 2.

Her opponent for the debate will be the blowhard Senator Joe Biden from the State of Delaware who was chosen as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate by Barack Obama. Biden has already proven that he can make a gaffe almost every day on the campaign trail, which is why his Presidential campaign ended so early after he made terribly racist comments about Americans of Indian decent. Before dropping out of his Presidential bid, Biden also referred to his future running mate, Barack Obama, as "the first articulate, clean, & bright African American."

Now, just because Joe Biden constantly puts his foot in his mouth doesn't mean that Governor Palin can go into Thursday night's debate overconfident. In fact, most pundits are assuming that Senator Biden will mop the floor with Governor Palin due to Biden's extensive foreign policy experience. Most pundits aren't giving Governor Palin much of a chance at all!

With that said, the Pima County Young Republicans will be hosting a debate watching party to cheer Governor Palin onto victory. We will be meeting at the home of club Chair Tyler Mott, like we did for our successful 1st Presidential Debate Watching Party between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama.

Tyler's address is 405 E Prince Rd, Apt #430, Tucson, AZ 85705 at the Sandstone Apartments on the north side of Prince Rd between Stone & 1st Ave.

If you will be able to join us in cheering on Governor Palin, please let me know, so I can know how many to expect. Since many of us work full time & since the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to defer to those on the east coast @ the expense of us in Western States, we will be playing the debate on tape delay due to the wonders of DVR.

We will start the actual debate @ 7 pm sharp to allow people time to get here. If you can arrive between 6:30 & 6:45 pm, I would appreciate it. We will be ordering pizza, so if you would like to help us cover costs, please bring $5.

Here's the invite:


What: Only Vice Presidential Debate between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware

When: Please arrive between 6:30 pm & 6:45 pm on Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where: Apartment of Tyler Mott, Chairman of the Pima County Young Republican Club
Sandstone Apts on the north side of Prince between Stone & 1st Ave
405 E Prince Rd #430
Tucson, AZ 85705

* We will be ordering pizza so please bring $5 if you want to help with costs.

*Covered parking is not reserved & is on a 1st come; first served basis.

*Seating is limited, but we will cram everybody in if you can make it.

Big Barney Benner Fundraiser with Hugh Hewitt

Greetings fellow Pima YRs-

I just received this important message from our YR State Chairman, Wil Westholm. Anyone who can make it to this coming Sunday's fundraising event for Barney Brenner, should really do everything in his or her power to attend. We need to do everything to support Barney in his race for Pima County Supervisor. This fundraising event will be an excellent opportunity to support Barney, especially since we are getting such a killer deal to be able to go & see Hugh Hewitt, one of the premier radio talk show hosts in America.

Here's the message from Wil (slightly edited):


I just got off the phone with Barney Brenner, and he is having an event with radio host Hugh Hewitt this coming Sunday, and he is willing to let YR's in on a special deal. Tickets for the event are normally $100, with VIP photo session included. However, he's willing to let YR's into the main event for $50- and that's either $50 of that person's own money or money raised for Barney's campaign. That's right... for every $50 we raise for Barney's campaign, we can get one YR into the Hugh Hewitt event. If someone finds a person willing to write a $390 check (the max allowed under campaign law for any individual contributor), we can get 8 YR's into the event. Checks, of course, are to be made out to Brenner For Supervisor.

If you can pass this info on to the rest of the group, Barney would really appreciate the support. If nothing else, it's a good chance to contribute to a worthy local political campaign and see a nationally-known radio host for a low price, or just a little fundraising effort. If the CR's are interested, they can get in on this too. We want to have as good a turnout as possible for Barney's sake... and ours.


(End of message)

So, if anybody knows of somebody willing to donate $390 to Barney's campaign, we can get 8 of us into the campaign event! Let me know ASAP! Thanks everybody. As I've said before, for us here in Southern Arizona, Barney has one of the most important races in the entire Election. Thanks again. And I'll let people know if somebody is willing to donate to get us in. Either way, as Wil said, $50 is a very small donation to see Hugh Hewitt & get your picture taken with him.


Tyler Clinton Mott
Pima County Young Republicans


Flier about Fundraiser. Click to expand. (Info on flier doesn't include our smokin' YR discount.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Invitation to YR Debate Watching Party!

As was discussed at our meeting last week, the Pima County YRs will be hosting debate watching parties for all three Presidential debates between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama. (Official website for info on debates)
We will also be hosting a debate watching party for the lone Vice Presidential debate between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Joe Biden.

As Chairman of the club, I didn't feel that it was appropriate to volunteer out anybody else's place to watch the debates, so for the first Presidential debate this coming Friday, September 26, I will be hosting the debate watching party @ my apartment in central Tucson.

The address is 405 E Prince Rd, Apt #430, Tucson, AZ 85705 at the Sandstone Apartments on the north side of Prince Rd between Stone & 1st Ave.

If you will be able to join us in cheering on Senator McCain, please let me know, so I can know how many to expect. Since many of us work full time & since the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to defer to those on the east coast @ the expense of us in Western States, we will be playing the debate on tape delay due to the wonders of DVR.

We will start the actual debate @ 7 pm sharp to allow people time to get here. If you can arrive between 6:30 & 6:45 pm, I would appreciate it. We will be ordering pizza, so if you would like to chip in, please bring $5.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP. That way I can also get you the gate code. Btw, covered parking is not reserved, so 1st come; 1st served.


What: 1st Presidential Debate between Senator John McCain & Barack Obama

When: Please arrive between 6:30 pm & 6:45 pm on Friday, September 26, 2008

Where: Apartment of Tyler Mott, Chairman of the Pima County Young Republican Club
Sandstone Apts on the north side of Prince between Stone & 1st Ave
405 E Prince Rd #430
Tucson, AZ 85705

* We will be ordering pizza so please bring $5 if you want to chip in.

*Covered parking is not reserved & is on a 1st come; first served basis.

*Seating is limited, but we will try to fit you in.

Biden ashamed of Obama & Obama's campaign ads

On Monday, good ole' Joe was at it again. He is the gift that keeps on giving. But as the old saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

While talking to Katie Couric of CBSNews about the tenor of the campaign, Biden let loose on the Obama campaign and in turn on Obama himself. Couric specifically asked Biden about his thoughts on the ad making fun of Senator John McCain as old & technologically inept. The ad mocks John McCain for admitting that he didn't use a computer.

Obama has yet to appologize for the ad after realizing that McCain doesn't use a computer since McCain can't lift his arms to type without pain due to war wounds. In the interview with Couric, Biden admitted that he:

"thought that was terrible - by the way."

Couric went on to ask Biden about the campaign's production & decision to release the ad:

"Why'd you do it then?"

Biden's response was:

"I didn't know we did it & if I'd had known that we did it we'd have never done it. And I don' think that Barack - you know - I just think that was a..."

Then Couric interceded by asking:

"Did Barack Obama approve that ad? He said he did, right?"

Well, Obama has to be very happy about this. Biden goes way off message & shows that Biden is completely aloof as to how the campaign that he is on is being run.

In this, Biden goes even further by implying that either Obama is also completely unaware of how his campaign is being ran or that Obama is basically heartless for not realizing the the damage caused by this ad. Either way, it doesn't imply very good things about Obama.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Tempted to switch my vote to Obama/Biden after this: Genius Biden promises tax cuts for TOASTERS!

It's very hard these days. But it's good that Joe Biden is looking out for the little guy. Biden wants to help the middle class. And in his latest move for you & me, he has promised to help us "be able to go out and buy a toaster."

It's just what I need - the wedding gift of every young couple's dreams from our future Vice President! Sign me up!

After telling NBC's today show about Biden's bold toaster proposal, I think that I'm sold on the Obama/Biden Ticket! I just hope that along with toaster help, they will give me a few pop tarts. I'm also looking for a new soap holder for my shower, a new door stop & I think it was Rush Limbaugh who wanted to get a new toilet bowl cleaner from Biden. We are all in great need. Thank you Joe Biden for understanding that having a new toaster is the #1 priority for so many Americans.

And with this, I have our next poll question. So please vote with me on what you want Obama/Biden to buy for you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Governor Palin's Saturday Night Live Debut

A lot have people have been talking about SNL's humorous Tina Fey impersonation of Governor Sarah Palin this past weekend alongside SNL's Hillary Clinton. It was remarkable how much Fey really did look like Governor Palin.

The skit was funny & it was reported that Governor Palin actually watched the video while on her campaign jet to Nevada. It's good to know that the Governor has a good sense of humor too. It's also funny that after the she saw the sketch one of her first reported reactions was to laugh because the Governor had actually dressed up as Tina Fey for a recent Halloween. Now, they're switching roles, I guess.

Anyway, my only complaint is that Fey played Palin as a simpleton as almost all conservative politicians are played on SNL (with the exception of Vice President Dick Cheney who is also played as an evil Lex Luthor type of super villian).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Terrible Slanders from the Far Left & Obama's Insensitivities on McCain's War Wounds

If you ever needed further reason for why the far left cannot win this election, look no further than the disgusting sleazy & utterly stupid things that Randi Rhodes, a radio talk show host formerly on the far left AirAmerica, said about Senator John McCain & Governor Sarah Palin.

First Rhodes said that John McCain:

"became very friendly with the North Vietnamese. They called him the prince. He was well treated actually. And he was well treated because he traded these propaganda interviews for good treatment."

Rhodes then went on to say that:

"Cindi McCain knew to limit herself to: 'I think that what my husband did in Vietnam was heroic' because she knows the truth too."

You can only imagine what I feel that they should do to someone like Rhodes who would outright mock the torture that John McCain suffered by saying that "He was well treated." The radio stations that play Rhodes need to dump her program or be dumped by the military for mocking the sacrifices that our brave soldiers make to serve America.

But was Rhodes done with that? Of course not. The demented Rhodes went on a few days later to slander Governor Sarah Palin by suggesting that she was a child molester, saying this about her:

She's friends with all of the teenage boys. You have to say no when your kids go 'Can we sleep over (at) the Palins?' 'No! No!'

These kinds of disgusting remarks could only be made by liberals. And the person who made them was considered to be the highest rated liberal radio talk show host on AirAmerica. It shows you that liberals agree with her. What should liberals be doing instead? They should be demanding she be fired and never get hired again anywhere! There is no way any station should continue to air this woman. Period. She is the most vile piece of sewer trash around. I can't make it any clearer.

In addition to Rhodes saying that McCain enjoyed being tortured as a Vietnam P.O.W. for 6 years, Obama himself got into the act this past weekend by releasing a TV ad making fun of McCain who has said that he does not use a computer. Not only does the Obama computer ad insult a heck of a lot of voters who also have a tough time navigating their PCs, many of these are older, high propensity voters as well.

Regardless of his attack on older voters, Obama has really (inadvertently or not) made a bad political move here. And to make matters worse for Obama, we now find out that the reason why McCain doesn't use a computer is because of his war wounds. His wounds make it extremely difficult and painful to type.

Obama has yet to apologize for the ad. So, there's the far left in all of their glory. Making fun of the sacrifices of our men & women in uniform. What's next for the far left? Saying that an Iraq war vet who's had his legs amputated due to an IED doesn't know how to run? Just remember which side hates the military & and which side also spat upon our Vets so often.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering September 11, 2001 - A day that we all changed

September 11, 2001 changed us all.

My mom woke me up & told me that somebody had bombed the WTC & the Pentagon. I remember how in shock I was that morning. I remember watching the second plane hit the WTC. I couldn't stop staring at the TV that whole day. I don't even recall leaving to go to the bathroom.

I remember how panicked everybody was. The news media was reporting that the State Department & the Sears Towers were also victims of explosions. The information was so slow to come out. So much was inaccurate.

We were all afraid. We knew that we had been attacked. We were afraid that there were more planes with terrorists on them. The FAA grounded every plane in America. I remember how angry I was that day. I remember how afraid I was. I remember how much I wanted vengeance. That day hurt really bad. It was an unexpected punch right in the gut.

It has been 7 years since that fateful morning. We should never forget how we felt. We must always remember.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joe Biden admits that Hillary would be Better VP than him

Did I mention to anybody that Joe Biden is such an idiot?

Today, Biden admitted that "Hillary might have been (a) better pick than" him. According to the ABC News blog, made this confession during a campaign rally today. In response to a rally attendee's comment that he was glad that Obama picked Biden over Hillary, Joe Biden responded by saying:

Make no mistake about this. Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be Vice President of the United States of America. Let’s get that straight. She’s a truly close personal friend, she is qualified to be President of the United States of America. She’s easily qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America, and quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. But she’s first rate, I mean that sincerely, she’s first rate, so let’s get that straight.

So, Biden thinks that not only is he less qualifed to be Vice President than Hillary , but that Hillary should actually be President also, which furthers questions about whether or not Obama was the best choice for Democrats.

I'm sure that Obama is really happy with his selection for a Vice Presidential running mate now. The funniest part about what Biden said was that Biden was actually right.

*Other stupid things that Biden has said in the past couple days:

At a rally in Colombia, Missouri, Joe Biden had this to say when introducing a State Senator who is in a wheelchair:

Chuck Graham, state senator, is here. Stand up, Chuck. Let 'em see you. Oh. God love you. What am I talking about? I tell you what, you're making everybody else stand up, though, pal. I tell you what, stand up for Chuck.

Is Biden on something or is he really missing something up there?

Biden also made another one of his sexist remarks when he said that Govenor Palin's nomination is "obviously a step backward for women":

I guess like all classic sexists, Biden knows what is better for women than they know themselves. Biden knows what a real woman should act like & how a real woman should think! What a buffoon! It's the same kind of crap that people said about Clarence Thomas - that he may be Black physically but that he doesn't think or act like a Black person should. It's an extremely racist attitude & it's beyond insulting.

So, Joe Biden, you "Knower of all things that I woman should think & do," what would you have your lady servants do today?

Upcoming Events for Tim Bee Including Saturday's Big Debate!

For those of you who are interested, here's a list of
Upcoming Bee-vents!

Wednesday, September 10th

Phonebank – Pima GOP HQ (5th & Craycroft)

5 PM – 8 PM

Thursday, September 11th

Phonebank – Bee HQ (River & Oracle)

5 PM – 8 PM

Precinct Walk – LD30

5 PM – 8 PM

Call Mike Sistak @ 520-319-1492 for info on where to meet.

UA College Republican Burma Shave (Sign-Wave)

4:30 PM – 5:45 PM

Speedway & Campbell

Bring your McCain and Tim Bee signs and show Tucson whom you support!

Contact is UA CR President Ry Ellison, 575-491-7257

Saturday, September 13th

Precinct Walk – LD26

9 AM – 12 PM

Call Mike Sistak @ 520-319-1492 for info on where to meet.

Phonebank – Bee HQ (River & Oracle)

1 PM – 4 PM

Tim Bee debate vs. our current member of Congress

U of A Student Union Ballroom (Mountain & 2nd Street)

Pro-Bee Rally – 5:15 PM, in front of ballroom

Doors Open at 5:30 PM

This is a limited seating event! Be there early so we can pack the room full of Bee supporters!

If you wish to attend any of these events, just RSVP to Mike Sistak @ or call him @ 520-319-1492!!

Barney Brenner to Speak @ September 15 Meeting of Pima YRs

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce Barney Brenner, the Republican candidate for Pima County Supervisor in District 3, as the speaker at the next meeting of the Pima YRs. Our meeting will be held @ Shogun Sushi on the northeast corner of River & Oracle Rds @ 7pm on Monday, September 15.

Barney almost won this seat before & now he's back to take this seat back for Republicans for good!

Sharon Bronson is a liberal Democrat and needs to go now! And Barney, the former Chairman of the Pima County Republican Club, is the best shot that we've had at this seat in a long time. He has been active in local Republican politics for a long time now & needs our help to get elected in November. Please join us to hear him speak & ask him questions this coming Monday.

If you will be able to attend, please RSVP to Tyler Mott.

Thanks. And I hope to see you all @ our next meeting!

And the Winners Are...

Sorry this took so long to send out, but there was one really close Primary race that kept the election results in doubt. It now appears that we have our winners from the most hotly contested Primary races with the exception of one race for the State House in LD26.

But first, on behalf of the Pima County Young Republican Club, I want to congratulate the candidates who won on Primary Night for running good campaigns. We also want to give kudos to members of our club who worked hard on those winning campaigns.

We also want to thank members of our club who may have worked hard on campaigns that didn't quite make it but fought hard anyway. There were some extremely close races during this Primary Election. In campaigns, there are always winners & losers, and we always hope that the best man or woman wins.

Republican voters in Pima County had many fine candidates from which to choose. And we hope that the best candidates are the ones who ended up winning this last Tuesday. As a club, the Pima County YRs are required to support our Republican candidates once they have won their respective Primary campaigns. So I hope that you all join the club in supporting our candidates onto victory in November.

With all of that said, the most hotly contested races appeared to be the State Senate race in LD26, the State House races in LD26 & LD30, and the Pima County Supervisor race in District 1. The results from these races are as follows:

We congratulate Al Melvin who won a hard fought campaign against State Representative Pete Hershberger to be the Republican candidate for State Senate. Both candidates worked very hard, and we now hope can put their differences behind them & unite in order to beat the Democratic candidate in November.

We also congratulate Vic Williams who won the most votes in the Republican Primary for State House in LD26. Vic has told me that he knocked on over 8500 doors during the Primary campaign - showing how much hard work in campaigns pays off. For the right to join Vic on the November ballot, we have a nail biter between Marilyn Zerull and club member Trent Humphries. I know that Club Vice Chair Michael Cole worked hard on the Humphries campaign. I am still not sure if they are done counting votes, but as of Tuesday, September 09, 2008 at 4:21:07 pm, Marilyn had a 50 lead over Trent. We hope them both the best.

*On an extremely sad side note, Marilyn's husband passed away this past weekend of a heart attack. Our thoughts & prayers go out to her and her family during this extremely difficult time. Marilyn had just recently lost her mother & had to miss many days of campaigning in order to tend to family business.

In the LD30 State House races, we want to congratulate David Gowan who received the most votes in the Republican Primary followed by Frank Antenori. Please do what you can to support both of them make it to the State House & make it harder for Janet Napolitano to get her liberal agenda force fed to Arizona voters.

In the Election for County Supervisor in Supervisorial District 1, we congratulate incumbent Ann Day beat back a fierce insurgent campaign by Joe Higgins. Our Club Treasurer Emily Mitchell worked hard on the Higgins campaign.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Please Help Us Protect Marriage in Arizona!

I wanted to make this extremely important plea for help on an absolutely critical issue.

Marriage in America is under attack by extreme homosexual activists who want to completely redefine the family.

There are a number of states this year holding very big votes on the issue of protecting marriage. The two states where this issue is probably most important for those of us here in Pima County are the propositions on the ballot right here in Arizona & on the ballot of our large neighbor to the west, California.

In 2006, Arizona became the first & only state in the nation to have rejected a Marriage Amendment. Many have argued that this major defeat for Arizona families was because the amendment on the Arizona ballot in 2006 may have gone too far.

This year the simplified Amendment on the ballot will be PROPOSITION 102. The proposed Amendment to the Arizona Constitution reads as follows:
“Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”
We must pass PROPOSTION 102 in order to ensure that activist liberal judges cannot force Arizona to recognize the "marriages" of gays & lesbians performed in Arizona or elsewhere.

This year, Arizona needs to vote a resounding "Yes" on Proposition 102!

Since the liberal media and some very well-funded anti-religious hate groups will be pouring money & resources into the fight against the Arizona Marriage Amendment, Arizonans who want to protect & defend the family must give everything they can to help guarantee victory for Arizona families.

If you have questions about the Arizona Marriage Amendment or would like donate of your time or money to this cause, please visit the Arizona Marriage Amendment website @

The Arizona Marriage Amendment needs your financial help in order to get its message out to voters.

Also, the Marriage Amendment in California might be the single most important issue on the ballot anywhere in America this year. If passed, it will reverse the ruling by judicial fiat of 4 tyrants on California Supreme Court.  If it fails, California is likely to begin exporting "gay marriage" all over America very soon.

If you believe that this is an important issue & have the resources to help our neighbors in California pass their Marriage Amendment to reverse the decision of 4 liberal California Supreme Court Justices, please help them also by donating at

Thank you for your supoort of Prop 102 & of the sactity of marriage.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is Messed Up!

I found this article on Drudge. It's an article about a British soldier who was recently told that the British hotel he was trying to stay @ did not allow members of the military to stay there. He was in town to attend the funeral of a fallen comrade & the injured British soldier was forced to sleep in his car.

Our military heroes must always be treated with the utmost respect. Their sacrifices demand that.

We - and the British - do not need another situation like what happened during Viet Nam when soldiers & marines returning home were spat upon.

God bless our men & women in uniform!

Her Speech last night

BREAKING: Sarah Palin "Winged" Her Speech Because of "Broken" Teleprompter

Posted by: Erick Erickson

Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 01:00AM


Image descriptionHalfway through Sarah Palin's speech tonight at the RNC, people following the speech noticed she was deviating from the prepared text.

According to sources close to the McCain campaign, the teleprompter continued scrolling during applause breaks. As a result, half way through the speech, the speech had scrolled significantly from where Governor Palin was in the speech. The malfunction also occurred during Rudy Giuliani's speech, explaining his significant deviations from his speech.

Unfazed, Governor Palin continued, from memory, to deliver her speech without the teleprompter cued to the appropriate point in her speech.

Contrast this to Barack Obama who, when last his teleprompter malfunctioned, was left stuttering before a crowd unable to advance his speech until the problem was resolved.

Sarah Palin. Winner.

Choices for the Next Vice President of the United States

And in order to remind everybody one more time....

We have her on our side!

And they have him...

The Speech!

And for those of you who missed it, here's Governor Sarah Palin's amazing speech tonight.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Super Palin!


Wow! Wow! Wow!

She was good!

Governor Sarah Palin will make an awesome Vice President of the United States. Her speech tonight was perfect.

She sure is a scrapper.

Republicans should be feeling very, very good right now. John McCain had some kind of secret advice that nobody else knew about. There were so many good lines in her speech tonight.

And tomorrow will be a great night to be a Republican when we nominate a true war hero, John McCain to be the next President of the United States.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And the Primary Election results are....

Well, the results of the Primary Election are......

We have no idea. The "professionals" at the Pima County Division of Elections only have around 5.7% of the precincts reporting. I have no idea what could be taking them so long. Every other county in Arizona is almost done completely. It's absolutely ridiculous. Well, we'll see what happens.

More when I know something.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Vote Tomorrow & then come party with us!

Don't Forget that tomorrow is Primary Election Day!

So, if you didn't request an Early Vote-by-Mail ballot, tomorrow's the Big Day. And if you did request an Early Ballot but haven't yet mailed it in, IT'S TOO LATE TO MAIL IT BUT NOT TOO LATE TO VOTE! You can still drop your ballot off @ any polling station.

If you don't know where to go to vote, you can click on this link to find out where your own polling place is or cut & paste "" in your address bar.

* Also, tomorrow night there will be a couple different Election night parties.

One will be @ the Pima County Republican Party headquarters @ 5th St & Craycroft starting @ 7pm.

There will also be an Election night party @ *Also, tomorrow night there will be a couple different Election Night parties:

One will be @ Pima County Republican Party headquarters @ 5th St & Craycroft starting @ 7pm.

There will also be an Election Night party for District 26 @ La Posada Suites & Casitas @ 5900 N Oracle Rd with hors d'oeuvres also starting @ 7 pm.

A few members of our club are planning on attending the District 26 party since it's closer to many of us, so if you'd like to join us, we'll see you there. But make sure that you vote first!

Making People's Families Political Footballs

Well, the big political news today is that Governor Palin's 17 year-old daughter, Bristol, is 5 months pregnant. For some liberals, this has come out like some kind of scandalous royal family-type of secret like the hidden son who lives in the tower.

But when we really think about what it means, it hits a lot closer to home. Many of us have had to deal with such things in our families or have had to help friends through this kind of thing too. But if we look at Bristol, we see a very young girl who is probably very scared but with the support of her family appears to be happy. She has made the right choice regarding a situation that would probably not be her preferred one 6 months ago. She has chosen to keep the baby. She has chosen life & plans on marrying the baby's father.

Firstly, abortion would not make Bristol feel any better about the situation. Having the baby, months after her mother had baby #5 shows just how much respect for life the Palin family has. Life should be a fundamental right. But because of Roe v. Wade, it sadly has not been protected as it should be. And infanticide or the mass murder of infants has been ruled as acceptable.

Often times, babies would not be convenient for one reason or another. Or the health of the unborn baby has led some to believe that the baby is somehow better off dead. But both Governor Palin who gave birth to a son with Down Syndrome & Bristol, who we're crossing our fingers will give birth to a healthy baby, have made the right decisions.

The left-wing blogosphere frenzy over Bristol's pregnancy has been despicable & the announcement of the pregnancy was actually made when it was because bloggers on the anti-American DailyKos were actually saying that Governor Palin's 5 month-old was really the son of Bristol in order to cover up Bristol's pregnancy.

Of course, they made this accusation with no proof what-so-ever. And even after the announcement of Bristol's pregnancy, some lefty blognuts are now trying to say that this would really be Bristol's 2nd child, since they don't want to let their original slanderous accusations go. In other words, the farthest left liberal nuts are actually spending their time attacking the 17 year-old pregnant child of a politician.

Well in order to give the whole issue more perspective, I would first go to TIME Magizine online where Nathan Thornburgh of TIME had been sent to the Palins' hometown of Wasilla, Alaska in order to find out more about Alaska's now very famous Governor. It's interesting that he notes how Bristol's pregnancy wasn't even a secret up there. But then again, in small towns word tends to travel very fast. Gossip is a little town's internet.

Regarding attacks on the poor 17 year-old child, I commend Barack Obama for telling people today that:

I have said before and I will repeat again: People's families are off limits. And people's children are especially off-limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin's performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and how a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be a topic of our politics.

And regarding questions about whether his campaign was involved in fomenting the accusations, he said:

I am offended by that statement. There is no evidence at all that any of this involved us," he said. "Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be. And if I thought there was somebody in my campaign who was involved in something like that, they would be fired.
Well, Obama is absolutely right. Well said Senator.

Well, Joe Says Something Else Stupid

This would be listed under "ugh, well, ugh." I don't know how to respond to such comments. Once again, Joe Biden says something that was utterly stupid.

The latest comment when being asked about the lady who is running against him for Vice President, Biden said: “She’s good-looking." Here's the link @ CNN. Biden actually says that a difference between him & Governor Palin is that she's good-looking & he's not.

First of all, how is Governor Palin supposed to debate the guy? He's obviously completely irrational. There are certain lines that you're not supposed to cross when talking about the opposite sex professionally. Obviously, his idiotic comments about race, a few of which are mentioned in previous posts weren't enough. She's supposed to sit down & debate with Joe Biden the fate of the Free World while also worrying if he's looking at her legs!

Now, Biden has gone sexist! He is feeding into the line that what matters most about a woman is how she looks on the outside. Yes, in politics as in everything else, it is important to look professional & presentable. And Governor Palin does look very professional, but whether or not she is physically attractive is absolutely unimportant! Let's get to the important issues. And Joe Biden, stop dreaming about our Vice Presidential candidate!