Monday, September 29, 2008

Come Join the Pima YRs watch Governor Palin rock the house @ our Vice Presidential Debate Watching Party!

As was discussed during our last meeting, the Pima County Young Republicans will be hosting debate watching parties for all three Presidential debates & for the lone Vice Presidential debate.

And in what could be the most exciting event yet of the 2008 Presidential campaign, Governor Sarah Palin, the groundbreaking Republican Nominee for Vice President of the United States, will compete in her first & only debate of this campaign cycle this Thursday, October 2.

Her opponent for the debate will be the blowhard Senator Joe Biden from the State of Delaware who was chosen as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate by Barack Obama. Biden has already proven that he can make a gaffe almost every day on the campaign trail, which is why his Presidential campaign ended so early after he made terribly racist comments about Americans of Indian decent. Before dropping out of his Presidential bid, Biden also referred to his future running mate, Barack Obama, as "the first articulate, clean, & bright African American."

Now, just because Joe Biden constantly puts his foot in his mouth doesn't mean that Governor Palin can go into Thursday night's debate overconfident. In fact, most pundits are assuming that Senator Biden will mop the floor with Governor Palin due to Biden's extensive foreign policy experience. Most pundits aren't giving Governor Palin much of a chance at all!

With that said, the Pima County Young Republicans will be hosting a debate watching party to cheer Governor Palin onto victory. We will be meeting at the home of club Chair Tyler Mott, like we did for our successful 1st Presidential Debate Watching Party between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama.

Tyler's address is 405 E Prince Rd, Apt #430, Tucson, AZ 85705 at the Sandstone Apartments on the north side of Prince Rd between Stone & 1st Ave.

If you will be able to join us in cheering on Governor Palin, please let me know, so I can know how many to expect. Since many of us work full time & since the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to defer to those on the east coast @ the expense of us in Western States, we will be playing the debate on tape delay due to the wonders of DVR.

We will start the actual debate @ 7 pm sharp to allow people time to get here. If you can arrive between 6:30 & 6:45 pm, I would appreciate it. We will be ordering pizza, so if you would like to help us cover costs, please bring $5.

Here's the invite:


What: Only Vice Presidential Debate between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware

When: Please arrive between 6:30 pm & 6:45 pm on Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where: Apartment of Tyler Mott, Chairman of the Pima County Young Republican Club
Sandstone Apts on the north side of Prince between Stone & 1st Ave
405 E Prince Rd #430
Tucson, AZ 85705

* We will be ordering pizza so please bring $5 if you want to help with costs.

*Covered parking is not reserved & is on a 1st come; first served basis.

*Seating is limited, but we will cram everybody in if you can make it.

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