Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Tempted to switch my vote to Obama/Biden after this: Genius Biden promises tax cuts for TOASTERS!

It's very hard these days. But it's good that Joe Biden is looking out for the little guy. Biden wants to help the middle class. And in his latest move for you & me, he has promised to help us "be able to go out and buy a toaster."

It's just what I need - the wedding gift of every young couple's dreams from our future Vice President! Sign me up!

After telling NBC's today show about Biden's bold toaster proposal, I think that I'm sold on the Obama/Biden Ticket! I just hope that along with toaster help, they will give me a few pop tarts. I'm also looking for a new soap holder for my shower, a new door stop & I think it was Rush Limbaugh who wanted to get a new toilet bowl cleaner from Biden. We are all in great need. Thank you Joe Biden for understanding that having a new toaster is the #1 priority for so many Americans.

And with this, I have our next poll question. So please vote with me on what you want Obama/Biden to buy for you.

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