Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Pima County YR Election Results

December 15, 2008 the Pima County YR met at 7:00 PM at Shogun Sushi Restaurant.
The meeting was called to order by current Chairman Tyler Mott. It was decided to spend $50 on the upcoming Holiday Party scheduled for January 3, 2009 at Michael Cole House.
It will be a potluck party with Mike providing the main course.
Elections were then held:
Michael Cole was elected Chairman
Justin Pierce was elected Vice Chair
Judy McReynolds was elected Secretary

The next meeting will be Monday January 12, 2009 at Shogun Sushi Restaurant at 7:00 pm

Holiday Party

Hey Everyone:
The YR Holiday Party is on Saturday January 3, 2009 at 7:00 PM. At Michael Cole's house. My address is 8138 N. Streamside Ave
Tucson AZ 85741. It is off of Ina and I-10.

This will be a potluck party. I will provide the main dish, if could provide some side dishes. I will also have drinks available.

If you have any questions e-mail me at

Mike Cole
Pima County YR Chairman

Monday, December 15, 2008

And the Libs made fun of Sarah Palin?

Here's my last post as I get dragged kicking & screaming out of being club Chair. Enjoy.

Election of club officers will be held @ meeting tonight @ Shogun Sushi

I just wanted to remind everybody about our last Pima YRs meeting of 2008. The meeting will be held today, Monday, December 15 @ 7 pm @ Shogun Sushi on the northeast corner of Oracle & River Rds.

We are scheduled to have our club officer elections for Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer for next year. If anybody is still interested in running for any of these positions, please let Tyler Mott know ASAP.

In order to vote in Club elections, a club member needs to pay their next year dues before we actually hold votes on any positions. I will have a copy of the Club Constitution & By-Laws to consult if any other issues arise. So, please join us later today & please bring $10, which is the cost of dues to be a member of the Pima County Young Republicans.

We hope to see you all at the meeting.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Well informed Obama supporters

This is just some fun food for thought.

A new documentary filmmaker is making a documentary called "How Obama Got Elected" with interviews showing what Obama voters actually knew about Senator Government before they decided to elect him President. The documentary also shows how the media may have been responsible for directing people's opinions of the candidates. Some of the answers are really quite comical, but it is sad. Of course, I'm sure that you could find some pretty uniformed McCain voters too, but John Zogby recently ran a poll that showed just how uninformed Obama voters really were. You can go the the website to see the results.

My favorite part is when almost all interviewees say that Sarah Palin was the one who said that she campaigned in 57 states with only one to go. Of course, the person who said that was Barack Obama & he's about to become President of the United States.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please join the Pima County YRs in our 1st post-election meeting on Monday, Nov. 24 @ 7 pm

The Pima County Young Republican Club is excited to announce our first post-election meeting where we can get together & discuss the results of the November 4, 2008 election.

There was a lot that didn't go our way on Election Day, but there was also a lot that did. In Arizona, Republicans actually gained seats in both houses of the State Legislature. And this is very encouraging. It also appears that our governor, Janet Napolitano, might be taking a job with the Obama Administration, so we no longer have to deal with her vetoing good legislation every time it makes its way to her desk. And in one of the most important developments on Election Day, Amendments protecting the definition of marriage passed in Arizona, California, and in Florida.

Our meeting will take place at its normal location, Shogun Sushi, on the northeast corner of Oracle & River Rds. The meeting will be held on Monday, November 24 & will begin @ 7 pm.

Joining us at our meeting as a special guest will be former State Representative Randy Graf, who also ran twice for Congress in CD8. He will give his analysis of how events unfolded, along with his opinions of what the Republican Party needs to do in order to move forward. Some Republicans, such as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, have suggested that the Republican Party needs to abandon its conservative principles in order to win future elections. This will be one of the topics of discussion at our meeting.

The meeting will be a time to reflect & a time to plan how we will move forward as a Club & as a Party. With Democrats holding large majorities in both the US House & Senate, it is important that Arizona remain a conservative refuge. We want to do our part to ensure this.

Please RSVP with Tyler Mott if you will be able to attend the meeting. It is an exciting time & we cannot give up or become discouraged. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Tyler Mott
Pima County Young Republican Club

Please be true! Janet Napolitano might be leaving Arizona for job with Obama Admin

If press reports are true, Arizonans can breathe easily for the first time in years. Governor Janet Napolitano looks like she will finally be leaving us alone. She appears to be the pick of President-elect Government for his Secretary of Homeland Security.

Now, the good part: what this means to us is that Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer, a Republican, will become Governor of Arizona! With Republican gains in both houses of the State Legislature and some of our more liberal Republicans being replaced by more Conservative Republicans, this is great news for everybody.

All of Napolitano's ridiculous vetoes of the previous 5 1/2 years will be a thing of the past. We will no longer have a person like Napolitano who is staunchly pro-abortion vetoing common sense abortion restrictions at the state level.
Napolitano's opposition to common sense border security policies can no longer be blamed on the federal government either. She will either have to do the right thing and upset her illegal alien base by enforcing strong border security policies or do what we think she will, which is nothing & show that she is really part of the problem.
Her budgets disasters will also be a thing of the past. Arizona will have true conservative governance once again! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And today starts a new day.

Happy days are here again!

It seems like we here in Arizona might be the only beneficiaries to this year's election results anywhere in America. Good riddance Janet. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The loyal opposition to President-elect Government begins

Well, the election is over & I have to report that we woke up today & everything was still ok. When Democrats lost in 2000, 2002 & 2004, many of them were severely depressed. Some were even suicidal. And of course, many cried about Republicans somehow magicly stealing the elections. Republicans have always been more mature than that. Our lives don't depend on the government & with Senator Government now President-elect Government, we will still be ok.

We will support the new President-elect whenever he is right on an issue & we will bitterly oppose him whenever he is wrong on issues. Republicans are now the loyal opposition. We will fight & we will fight hard. The last thing that I feel today is depressed.

I am actually quite releaved. As usual, the Democrats made a major strategic blunder by setting their expectations too high. They over promised & underperformed. Most importantly, there will be no filibuster-proof US Senate. Democrats will likely have somewhere between 56-58 Senators. That is well short of the 60 needed to avoid filibusters.

Also, the great news from yesterday included the fact that Proposition 102 passed in Arizona placing a ban on gay marriage in the Arizona Constition. This went along with a victory for Proposition 8 in California which also passed and reversed the judicial fiat that had forced gay marriage on Californians just a few months ago. There should be no right to marry for people who believe that they are gay. Marriage is a privelegde & is a covenant between three parties: a man, his wife & God. A Constitutional ban on gay marriage also passed in Florida where it needed to receive over 60% of the vote.

In other good news from yesterday, Democrats in the State Legislature had been openly clamoring about the possibility of Democrats gaining control of both houses of the Arizona State Legislature. But instead of that happening, Republicans gained seats! And conservatives replaced some of the more liberal Republicans who had retired from the State Legislature.

I will go over these races soon, but in regard to Obama's victory, there is a strong posibility that liberal Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano will join an Obama Administration and leave us in Arizona alone finally. If Napolitano leaves, it is highly unlikely that she will run for US Senate against John McCain in 2010. And with the State Legislature becoming more Republican & more conservative, it is even more likely that Napolitano will take a job for Obama in order to avoid a more hostile State Legislature. If Napolitano does resign for Governor, then Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer will become Arizona's next Governor & we Republicans will have almost full control of state government once again.

In other words, there were many things that should make a person happy about yesterday's election results. If anyone is still feeling down, cheer up because we have an amazing line up of talented individuals who are now ready to lead the Republican Party back to the White House in 2012!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Showtime!

Today's the big day! John McCain & Sarah Palin need your support. And so does the rest of the Republican Team. Don't forget to VOTE & make sure that your likeminded family & friends get to the polls too.

Voting is open until 7 pm. Call Pima County Republican HQ @ 520-321-1492 if you need a ride to the polls. If you don't know where your polling station is, click here.
If you can spare a few minutes, Republican HQ can also put you to work to get our Republicans elected. Good luck & God Bless America.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama vowed in January to BANKRUPT American coal industry!

The latest discovery is that Senator Government has been lying about his support for clean coal. He actually said that he wants to bankrupt the coal industry in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle back in January.

It's crunch time & we NEED your help!

Greetings Fellow Pima County YRs-

We have only 1 more day until Election Day! And we need your help! Depending on where you live, there are many phone banking opportunities tomorrow & Election Day. We also have many positions open for poll watchers, poll runners & volunteers of every sort on Election Day!


If you can help for even 30 minutes tomorrow or Election Day, we could use your help.

Start by going to Pima County Republican Party headquarters @ 5447 E. 5th Street, Suite 100 in Tucson (directions here) or calling them @ 520-321-1492 if you live in Central, East or South Tucson.

If you live in North, Northwest Tucson, Marana, or Oro Valley, then our Northwest headquarters @ 1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Suite 111 in Oro Valley (directions here) might be better for you on Election Day. You can call Linda @ 520-825-0334.

We have a lot of big races!

Of course, the big one is the race for President & John McCain & Sarah Palin are coming on strong! Help us prove the polls wrong on Election Day.

After that, we have a big race for Congress in District 8 & Tim Bee needs your help too!

Our biggest races for the State Legislature are in Districts 26 & 30. Al Melvin, Vic Williams, & Marilyn Zerull could really use your help making phone calls to get supporters out for them. Our big races in District 30 are for the State House. In that district, Frank Antenori & Dave Gowan really need your help. The last thing in the world that we need is a State Legislature that will do the bigging of Janet Napolitano. There are many other big races for State Legislature also. And many of these candidates have talked at our meetings.

The last big, big race is for Pima County Supervisor in District 3. We need to get Barney Brenner elected to the board. That will give Republicans the majority on the board & should give us the advantage when redistricting comes around after the next Census. Barney has asked for our help & I will be helping him on Election Day. Any of you who would also like to help with Barney's election, please let me know.

If any of you have any questions about where to go to help, you can call me @ 520-444-6280.

*Regarding voting, make sure that you vote! Voting closes @ 7 pm this Tuesday. If you have a Vote-by-Mail Ballot, it must be received in the mail no later than 7 pm that Tuesday. SO, IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE TO MAIL YOUR BALLOT BACK NOW! But don't fear, you can also drop your ballot off at any polling station before 7 pm on Tuesday & it will still be counted.

If you have questions about where to go to vote, click on this link & it will tell you where your polling place is. If you have any other questions about the voting process, you can call the Pima County Recorder's Office @ 520-740-4330.

Good luck & we will win on Tuesday if we work as hard as we can these last couple days!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Pima YRs Endorses Arizona Ballot Propositions

The Pima County Young Republican Club has voted to endorse a number of ballot propositions & oppose a few others.

The following will be the list of endorsements. These endorsements in no way state that members of the club must vote one way or another & there were a couple endorsement votes that were not unanimous. I will note those as well in the comments section.

Proposition 100 – Yes: Unanimously supported by members who voted.

This proposition has the purpose of prohibiting new taxes on the sale or transfer of property.

Proposition 101 – Yes: Unanimously supported by members who voted.

This proposition makes it so that Arizona residents will never be forced to join any government health care plan.

Proposition 102 – Yes: Unanimously supported by members who voted.

To place language in the Arizona Constitution making marriage between one man & one woman the only legal marriages recognized in Arizona.

Proposition 105 – No:

Would require that in order to be funded ballot propositions must receive votes from a majority of registered voters. This might cause a burden so high that no initiative could even pass with 100% of the vote if only 49.9% of the people showed up to vote.

Proposition 200 – No:

This ballot proposition related to reforming the payday loan industry & continuing the charter of payday loan businesses which will run out in 2010. Many of our members thought that an issue as complicated as this should be left for the legislature to decide.

Proposition 201 – No:

Many of our members voiced opinions that this was a terrible idea that would lead to many frivolous lawsuits & could make it harder to buy homes & less likely for builders to see a benefit in building homes.

Proposition 202 – No: Unanimously opposed by members who voted.

This is an attempt by businesses that depend on illegal labor to weaken the employer sanctions laws passed by the State Legislature relating to the hiring of illegal aliens.

Proposition 300 – Yes: Unanimously supported by members who voted.

This relates to raising salaries of State Legislators from $24,000/year to $30,000. Our legislators get paid below the poverty line.

Or shorthand:

Prop 100: YES
Prop 101: YES
Prop 102: YES
Prop 105: NO
Prop 200: NO
Prop 201: NO
Prop 202: NO
Prop 300: YES

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Senator Government: The Great Redistributor

Newly found audio has Barack Obama talking back in 2001 about how he wants to redistribute wealth & how he doesn't like the way the Founders set up the Constitution. It begs the question of how Obama expects to "protect & defend the Constitution of the United States" like the Presidential Oath of Office requires when he doesn't even like the Constitution that much.

Obama's continued support of infanticide

One of the most disturbing things about Barack Obama was that when he was in the Illinois State Legislature, he actually voted against a bill requiring that a baby who survived a botched abortion outside of the womb receive immediate emergency medical care.

He thinks that saving live born babies who were intended to be aborted somehow might hurt Roe v. Wade. Senator Government's position on this is disgusting. It is inhumane & repulsive. Here's a couple ads with a young lady who survived an abortion taking Obama to task on the issue.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biden's crisis comments get mocked on Saturday Night Live

SNL did another hilarious take on the election last night. This time, it was mocking how the moron Joe Biden & the anti-military Jack Murtha have been trying to throw the election of Obama. Enjoy!

A tough interview with the Obama Campaign: I must be dreaming!

Finally! An TV interviewer who actually asks the Obama Campaign the tough questions. This interview with Senator Biden is dead-on. And due to the tough questions asked of Biden, the Obama Campaign has cut off this Florida TV station from future interviews.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New McCain ad attacking inexperience of Obama using Biden's recent words

Using Joe Biden's words from this past Sunday, John McCain's campaign is out with a new hard-hitting ad attacking Senator Gov't for his inexperience & the open invitation that his inexperience brings for enemies of America. John McCain will not invite criseses since John McCain will be ready to lead on Day 1.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I just couldn't resist this one. I found this posted by Erick Erickson @

It's very timely with Haloween, the Election & Senator Gov't's plan to "spread the wealth" if he gets elected & becomes President Government.

It's funny & it's true!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jonathan Paton to Speak @ Pima YRs Meeting Tomorrow Night!

The Pima County Young Republican Club is pleased to announce that Jonathan Paton will be the speaker @ the next meeting of the Pima YRs. Our meeting will be tomorrow, October 23 @ 7 pm @ El Charro Cafe downtown @ 311 N. Church Ave in Tucson. *Please, note this change of location since we will not be gathering @ our normal meeting spot.

Jonathan Paton is currently a member of the Arizona State House of Representatives & Rep. Paton is running to replace State Senator Tim Bee in the representing District 30 in the State Senate.

Rep. Paton became a veteran of the war in Iraq with his service there as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Army Reserves. By volunteering for service in Iraq, Rep. Paton is the only member of the State Legislature (and possibly any State Legislature) to serve in the Iraq War. Rep. Paton will speak about his military service, his service in the State House & his campaign for State Senate @ tomorrow's meeting.

If you will be able to attend tomorrow, please RSVP to Tyler Mott. Thank you. And I hope to see you all tomorrow.

5 possible crisis scenarios under Obama

Here's a video where Governor Sarah Palin lays out a list of 5 possible crisis scenarios that America is likely to face if it elects Senator Gov't to be President of the United States.

As I mentioned before, Joe Biden has guaranteed that electing Obama to be President will invite this unknown international crisis. That's just the kind of thing that we want to hear from a Vice Presidential candidate: "Vote for Us & Get International Crisis Within 6 Months." That should be a bumper sticker if it wasn't so scary.

Once again, Governor Palin hits this one out of the park. We cannot afford to have a President who invites international crisises.

And I've got one more theory. Obama & Biden are afraid that their policies will be so far to the left that the Country would immediately suffer through buyers remorse. So, Biden might have been warning his most liberal Seattle contributors that Obama was going to be forced to "wag the dog" in order to change the subject.

Now mark my words if this happens within 6 months of an Obama Presidency. Of course, I still believe that McCain is going to win because America can't be dumb enough to elect people who's main economic platform is income redistribution, a.k.a. socialism.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Scary Joe tries to scare us into remembering just how inexperienced Senator Government is when it comes to things that are important

Joe Biden, one of the dumbest, most out-of-control running mates ever selected by a Presidential candidate, tried to remind us on Sunday about just how inexperienced Senator Government, a.k.a. Barack Obama is. And Biden did so in a way that should scare that heck out of each of us!

This is what he said at a Seattle fundraiser on Sunday:

"Mark my words, It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47 year-old Senator President of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

"I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate, And he's gonna need help. And the kind of help he's gonna need is, he's gonna need you - not financially to help him - we're gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it's not gonna be apparent initially, it's not gonna be apparent that we're right."

I must admit that I have no idea what Biden was saying about Obama, but it really terrifies me.

Will Obama be ready to be President & lead in that moment when he is most needed or will he just vote "Present?" Or is Biden saying that Obama will have caused such a massive problem only 6 months into his Presidency?

Biden, once again simplifies what this election is about. Can we trust someone who does not have the experience necessary to be the next Commander-In-Chief?

Whatever Biden's promise & guarantee is referring to, are we ready for a President who is already scheming about forcing something down the throats of even his most loyal supporters ?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

John McCain beats "Senator Government" in Final Debate!

In the 3rd & Final Presidential Debate between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama. and John McCain easily defeated Obama who he mistakenly but appropriately referred to as "Senator Government."

It was the 3rd time in as many meetings that McCain beat Obama in debate, and from here on out Obama will always be known as "Senator Government."



John McCain was very effective in pointing out tonght Obama's socialist tendencies to redistribute wealth. Senator Government's plan is to render unto Obama what is yours.

I cannot even recall any Presidential candidate who was so open in their desire for class warfare & their hostility toward people who had worked hard and done well financially due to their hard work.

Senator Government lived up to his name again with a message of massive expansion of the federal government including massive spending & tax increases to pay for his newer, much more intrusive ideas of government. Senator Government admitted that he wants the to redistribute wealth @ that same time that he expands the government to fit his pro-Government agenda. Bigger government has now found a champion in Barack Obama. Senator Government is the new face & standard bearer for big government.

Barack Obama = Government's candidate

Just Say No to Senator Government!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Final Presidential Debate Watching Party Tomorrow Night!

The Pima County Young Republican Club will be hosting a debate watching party tomorrow night for the 3rd & final debate between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama.

It's now or never for Senator McCain who has been down in the polls & tomorrow night's debate is a must-win for the Republican nominee. Senator McCain needs our support.

So, I am opening up my home again for everybody who wants to tomorrow night's debate. With the wonders of DVR, we will start @ 7 which gives everybody an extra hour after work.

What: 3rd & Final Presidential Debate between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama
When: Please arrive between 6:30 pm & 6:45 pm on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where: Apartment of Tyler Mott, Chairman of the Pima County Young Republican Club

Sandstone Apts on the north side of Prince between Stone & 1st Ave

405 E Prince Rd #430

Tucson, AZ 85705

* We will be ordering pizza so please bring $5 if you want to help with costs.

*Covered parking is not reserved & is on a 1st come; first served basis.

*Seating is limited, but we will cram everybody in if you can make it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Reason to Support Prop. 102!

There are many reasons to support traditional marriage, and this video with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council shows a few of those reasons. Prop 102 will do just that. This video shows what Massachusetts families have had to face since gay marriage was forced on the citizens of Massachusetts by judicial fiat.

And last week, it was in San Francisco that a school sponsored the field trip of 1st graders to watch their teacher get "married" to her lesbian partner. That was 5 & 6 year-olds being forced to watch the wedding of a lesbian couple for a public school field trip. I wish that I was making up this stuff. But sadly, it is true.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Marilyn Zerrull & Discussion of Ballot Propositions @ Tomorrow's Pima YR Meeting!

The Pima County Young Republican Club is proud to announce that Marilyn Zerull will be the speaker at our next meeting - TOMORROW!

Our meeting tomorrow evening, October 13, will begin @ 7 pm @ Shogun Sushi & feature Marilyn Zerull, who is a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives in District 26. Our Republican candidates in District 26 are Marilyn Zerull & Vic Williams for the Arizona House of Representatives & Al Melvin for the Arizona State Senate.

Marilyn made it through the Primary Election despite having been forced to leave the State to attend to family affairs with the passing of her mother. Shortly after her victory in the Primary, Marilyn was forced to again mourn the death of a family member with the passing of her husband only days after the Election.

Marilyn needs our help in order to win in November & she is asking for any help that we can offer her. You can find out more about Marilyn & her campaign on her campaign website @

The Pima YRs will also discuss & possibly endorse the various ballot initiatives on the November ballot tomorrow. Please study up on the initiatives, so you can let us know what you think about the Ballot Propositions.

Including tomorrow's meeting, the Pima YRs will have only two more meetings before the November Election along with our last debate watching party this Wednesday. I will get the information out on our last meeting before the Election in the next couple days.

If you plan on attending tomorrow's meeting, please RSVP as soon as possible by emailing me @ Thank you so much. And we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Alert: Connecticut Court forces gay marriage on people of Connecticut: WE NEED TO PASS PROP 102 TO PROTECT ARIZONA FAMILIES!

Connecticut became the 3rd anti-family & pro-homosexual marriage State in the nation today. With a 4-3 ruling the Connecticut Supreme Court invented out of thin air the right to marry for gay couples in that State.

Connecticut became the 3rd State in the nation to be forced by judicial fiat to recognize gay marriage. Connecticut joins Massachusetts & California as anti-family pro-gay marriage States.

The ruling further points to how important it is to pass Proposition 102 in Arizona this year. Prop. 102 is an Amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would make marriage between "one man and one woman."

California is also looking to overturn the liberal Justices who forced gay marriage upon Californians. Since voters across the country are appalled by gay marriage, pro-gay activists have used liberal courts to advance their twisted agenda. Passing the California Constitutional Amendment Proposition 8 to protect marriage this year will be of utmost importance.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barack Obama's terrorist friends

Barack Obama has been friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers & his terrorist wife for years. Ayers has bragged about bombing the Pentagon, the US Capital & New York City Police Headquarters during the 1970s. Bill Ayers has said that the only thing he regrets is that he did not do enough & Ayers never even went to jail for these terrorist attacks.

Bill Ayers was the founder of the radical domestic terrorist & anti-American group 'Weather Underground.' Barack Obama launched his political career in this man's living room & Obama served as the Chairman of another radical group that Ayers founded as well as serving together on the boards of a number of radical groups.

John McCain is finally hitting hard on how risky it is to elect a man for President who pals around with terrorists.

Please visit this link to the new McCain ad on Obama & Bill Ayers & please pass it on to your friends & family. American voters need to know how risky it is to elect Barack Obama.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Second Presidential Debate Watching Party Tonight

Please join us tonight to watch the second debate between Senator John McCain & Barack Obama.

The two Presidential candidates will be debating in a town hall format, which is Senator McCain's favorite way to debate and to meet voters. Senator McCain has implied that tonight will be the night that the gloves will come off, so this could be a very exciting debate that may change the entire election.

Senator McCain needs our support. So, I am opening up my home again for everybody who wants to watch the debate. With the wonders of DVR, we will start @ 7 which gives everybody an extra hour after work.  Thank you.


What: Second Presidential Debate between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama

When: Please arrive between 6:30 pm & 6:45 pm on Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where: Apartment of Tyler Mott, Chairman of the Pima County Young Republican Club
Sandstone Apts on the north side of Prince between Stone & 1st Ave
405 E Prince Rd #430
Tucson, AZ 85705

* We will be ordering pizza so please bring $5 if you want to help with costs.

*Covered parking is not reserved & is on a 1st come; first served basis.

*Seating is limited, but we will cram everybody in if you can make it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's the last day to register to vote!

Do you want to make sure that Obama does not get elected President of the United States?

Do you want to make sure that Marriage in Arizona remains as between one man & one wife?

Well if you care about these & other issues and you're not registered to vote, then your opinion doesn't count.

If you want your opinion to be counted then today is the last day for Arizona voters to register to vote in the General Election!


If you are not registered to vote at your current address, it will take 5 minutes & you should do it now!

You can register to vote right now at this link:

Please pass this on to everybody you know in Arizona who also wants to vote for John McCain & the other Republicans in Novemeber too. Every State has its own election registration laws, so let family & friends out-of-State know that if they want to register to vote, they need to check their own States' deadlines for registration.

This could actually be one chain mail worth sending. Thanks.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

SNL gets it right

Saturday Night Live actually gets it right & blames the Dems for the financial crisis that we're in. By the way, their Barney Frank is hilarious! I only wish they could have have him talk a little bit more. Enjoy!

Last Reminder: Seats Still Available!

Barney Brenner Fundraiser Tonight!

You can now just show up @ the door if you want to attend. And YRs get a $50 discount on attending, plus you'll get your picture taken with Hugh Hewitt!

El Parador Restaurant 2744 E Broadway (No reservation needed)

VIP reception at 4:15 pm with professional souvenir photos, $50 donation.
5:15 pm general admission, $50 donation to Brenner for Supervisor.
(Maximum donation is $390) Appetizers and soft drinks will be served.

Barney's race in District 3 is crucial to Pima County's future.
Mr. Hewitt was kind enough to recognize that and agree to come.
Hugh is involved in many issues, even at the local level.

Please come! You can also forward this to others who'd be interested.

See you there!

Here's the flier again. See you there! (Click to expand.)

Tomorrow's the last day to register to vote in Arizona!

Tomorrow, Monday, October 6, 2008, is the last day for Arizona voters to register to vote in the General Election!

If you are not registered to vote at your current address, it will take 5 minutes & you should do it now!
You can register to vote right now at this link:

Please pass this on to everybody you know who also wants to vote for John McCain & the other Republicans in Novemeber too. Thanks.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama: The Savior of Mankind?

Here's two videos for you all.

This first one is just disturbing. I'd like to hear what any of you might think about it.

The Second video is also disturbing, but I must admit that it made me laugh out loud a number of times.

Maybe, for Democrats the Election means something more than what it means for Republicans. For Republicans, we are electing the next President of the United States. At least for some Democrats, it appears that they really are trying to elect their long awaited "Messiah." Good luck with that.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate tonight! Come join us at view party!

This is your final reminder about our big debate watching party tonight at my place.

405 E Prince Rd #430
Tucson, AZ 85705

We'll be starting the debate between Governor Palin and Senator Biden @ 7 pm, so try to arrive between 6:30 & 6:45 to grab your seat.

I'll see you there.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Come Join the Pima YRs watch Governor Palin rock the house @ our Vice Presidential Debate Watching Party!

As was discussed during our last meeting, the Pima County Young Republicans will be hosting debate watching parties for all three Presidential debates & for the lone Vice Presidential debate.

And in what could be the most exciting event yet of the 2008 Presidential campaign, Governor Sarah Palin, the groundbreaking Republican Nominee for Vice President of the United States, will compete in her first & only debate of this campaign cycle this Thursday, October 2.

Her opponent for the debate will be the blowhard Senator Joe Biden from the State of Delaware who was chosen as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate by Barack Obama. Biden has already proven that he can make a gaffe almost every day on the campaign trail, which is why his Presidential campaign ended so early after he made terribly racist comments about Americans of Indian decent. Before dropping out of his Presidential bid, Biden also referred to his future running mate, Barack Obama, as "the first articulate, clean, & bright African American."

Now, just because Joe Biden constantly puts his foot in his mouth doesn't mean that Governor Palin can go into Thursday night's debate overconfident. In fact, most pundits are assuming that Senator Biden will mop the floor with Governor Palin due to Biden's extensive foreign policy experience. Most pundits aren't giving Governor Palin much of a chance at all!

With that said, the Pima County Young Republicans will be hosting a debate watching party to cheer Governor Palin onto victory. We will be meeting at the home of club Chair Tyler Mott, like we did for our successful 1st Presidential Debate Watching Party between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama.

Tyler's address is 405 E Prince Rd, Apt #430, Tucson, AZ 85705 at the Sandstone Apartments on the north side of Prince Rd between Stone & 1st Ave.

If you will be able to join us in cheering on Governor Palin, please let me know, so I can know how many to expect. Since many of us work full time & since the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to defer to those on the east coast @ the expense of us in Western States, we will be playing the debate on tape delay due to the wonders of DVR.

We will start the actual debate @ 7 pm sharp to allow people time to get here. If you can arrive between 6:30 & 6:45 pm, I would appreciate it. We will be ordering pizza, so if you would like to help us cover costs, please bring $5.

Here's the invite:


What: Only Vice Presidential Debate between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware

When: Please arrive between 6:30 pm & 6:45 pm on Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where: Apartment of Tyler Mott, Chairman of the Pima County Young Republican Club
Sandstone Apts on the north side of Prince between Stone & 1st Ave
405 E Prince Rd #430
Tucson, AZ 85705

* We will be ordering pizza so please bring $5 if you want to help with costs.

*Covered parking is not reserved & is on a 1st come; first served basis.

*Seating is limited, but we will cram everybody in if you can make it.

Big Barney Benner Fundraiser with Hugh Hewitt

Greetings fellow Pima YRs-

I just received this important message from our YR State Chairman, Wil Westholm. Anyone who can make it to this coming Sunday's fundraising event for Barney Brenner, should really do everything in his or her power to attend. We need to do everything to support Barney in his race for Pima County Supervisor. This fundraising event will be an excellent opportunity to support Barney, especially since we are getting such a killer deal to be able to go & see Hugh Hewitt, one of the premier radio talk show hosts in America.

Here's the message from Wil (slightly edited):


I just got off the phone with Barney Brenner, and he is having an event with radio host Hugh Hewitt this coming Sunday, and he is willing to let YR's in on a special deal. Tickets for the event are normally $100, with VIP photo session included. However, he's willing to let YR's into the main event for $50- and that's either $50 of that person's own money or money raised for Barney's campaign. That's right... for every $50 we raise for Barney's campaign, we can get one YR into the Hugh Hewitt event. If someone finds a person willing to write a $390 check (the max allowed under campaign law for any individual contributor), we can get 8 YR's into the event. Checks, of course, are to be made out to Brenner For Supervisor.

If you can pass this info on to the rest of the group, Barney would really appreciate the support. If nothing else, it's a good chance to contribute to a worthy local political campaign and see a nationally-known radio host for a low price, or just a little fundraising effort. If the CR's are interested, they can get in on this too. We want to have as good a turnout as possible for Barney's sake... and ours.


(End of message)

So, if anybody knows of somebody willing to donate $390 to Barney's campaign, we can get 8 of us into the campaign event! Let me know ASAP! Thanks everybody. As I've said before, for us here in Southern Arizona, Barney has one of the most important races in the entire Election. Thanks again. And I'll let people know if somebody is willing to donate to get us in. Either way, as Wil said, $50 is a very small donation to see Hugh Hewitt & get your picture taken with him.


Tyler Clinton Mott
Pima County Young Republicans


Flier about Fundraiser. Click to expand. (Info on flier doesn't include our smokin' YR discount.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Invitation to YR Debate Watching Party!

As was discussed at our meeting last week, the Pima County YRs will be hosting debate watching parties for all three Presidential debates between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama. (Official website for info on debates)
We will also be hosting a debate watching party for the lone Vice Presidential debate between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Joe Biden.

As Chairman of the club, I didn't feel that it was appropriate to volunteer out anybody else's place to watch the debates, so for the first Presidential debate this coming Friday, September 26, I will be hosting the debate watching party @ my apartment in central Tucson.

The address is 405 E Prince Rd, Apt #430, Tucson, AZ 85705 at the Sandstone Apartments on the north side of Prince Rd between Stone & 1st Ave.

If you will be able to join us in cheering on Senator McCain, please let me know, so I can know how many to expect. Since many of us work full time & since the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to defer to those on the east coast @ the expense of us in Western States, we will be playing the debate on tape delay due to the wonders of DVR.

We will start the actual debate @ 7 pm sharp to allow people time to get here. If you can arrive between 6:30 & 6:45 pm, I would appreciate it. We will be ordering pizza, so if you would like to chip in, please bring $5.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP. That way I can also get you the gate code. Btw, covered parking is not reserved, so 1st come; 1st served.


What: 1st Presidential Debate between Senator John McCain & Barack Obama

When: Please arrive between 6:30 pm & 6:45 pm on Friday, September 26, 2008

Where: Apartment of Tyler Mott, Chairman of the Pima County Young Republican Club
Sandstone Apts on the north side of Prince between Stone & 1st Ave
405 E Prince Rd #430
Tucson, AZ 85705

* We will be ordering pizza so please bring $5 if you want to chip in.

*Covered parking is not reserved & is on a 1st come; first served basis.

*Seating is limited, but we will try to fit you in.

Biden ashamed of Obama & Obama's campaign ads

On Monday, good ole' Joe was at it again. He is the gift that keeps on giving. But as the old saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

While talking to Katie Couric of CBSNews about the tenor of the campaign, Biden let loose on the Obama campaign and in turn on Obama himself. Couric specifically asked Biden about his thoughts on the ad making fun of Senator John McCain as old & technologically inept. The ad mocks John McCain for admitting that he didn't use a computer.

Obama has yet to appologize for the ad after realizing that McCain doesn't use a computer since McCain can't lift his arms to type without pain due to war wounds. In the interview with Couric, Biden admitted that he:

"thought that was terrible - by the way."

Couric went on to ask Biden about the campaign's production & decision to release the ad:

"Why'd you do it then?"

Biden's response was:

"I didn't know we did it & if I'd had known that we did it we'd have never done it. And I don' think that Barack - you know - I just think that was a..."

Then Couric interceded by asking:

"Did Barack Obama approve that ad? He said he did, right?"

Well, Obama has to be very happy about this. Biden goes way off message & shows that Biden is completely aloof as to how the campaign that he is on is being run.

In this, Biden goes even further by implying that either Obama is also completely unaware of how his campaign is being ran or that Obama is basically heartless for not realizing the the damage caused by this ad. Either way, it doesn't imply very good things about Obama.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Tempted to switch my vote to Obama/Biden after this: Genius Biden promises tax cuts for TOASTERS!

It's very hard these days. But it's good that Joe Biden is looking out for the little guy. Biden wants to help the middle class. And in his latest move for you & me, he has promised to help us "be able to go out and buy a toaster."

It's just what I need - the wedding gift of every young couple's dreams from our future Vice President! Sign me up!

After telling NBC's today show about Biden's bold toaster proposal, I think that I'm sold on the Obama/Biden Ticket! I just hope that along with toaster help, they will give me a few pop tarts. I'm also looking for a new soap holder for my shower, a new door stop & I think it was Rush Limbaugh who wanted to get a new toilet bowl cleaner from Biden. We are all in great need. Thank you Joe Biden for understanding that having a new toaster is the #1 priority for so many Americans.

And with this, I have our next poll question. So please vote with me on what you want Obama/Biden to buy for you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Governor Palin's Saturday Night Live Debut

A lot have people have been talking about SNL's humorous Tina Fey impersonation of Governor Sarah Palin this past weekend alongside SNL's Hillary Clinton. It was remarkable how much Fey really did look like Governor Palin.

The skit was funny & it was reported that Governor Palin actually watched the video while on her campaign jet to Nevada. It's good to know that the Governor has a good sense of humor too. It's also funny that after the she saw the sketch one of her first reported reactions was to laugh because the Governor had actually dressed up as Tina Fey for a recent Halloween. Now, they're switching roles, I guess.

Anyway, my only complaint is that Fey played Palin as a simpleton as almost all conservative politicians are played on SNL (with the exception of Vice President Dick Cheney who is also played as an evil Lex Luthor type of super villian).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Terrible Slanders from the Far Left & Obama's Insensitivities on McCain's War Wounds

If you ever needed further reason for why the far left cannot win this election, look no further than the disgusting sleazy & utterly stupid things that Randi Rhodes, a radio talk show host formerly on the far left AirAmerica, said about Senator John McCain & Governor Sarah Palin.

First Rhodes said that John McCain:

"became very friendly with the North Vietnamese. They called him the prince. He was well treated actually. And he was well treated because he traded these propaganda interviews for good treatment."

Rhodes then went on to say that:

"Cindi McCain knew to limit herself to: 'I think that what my husband did in Vietnam was heroic' because she knows the truth too."

You can only imagine what I feel that they should do to someone like Rhodes who would outright mock the torture that John McCain suffered by saying that "He was well treated." The radio stations that play Rhodes need to dump her program or be dumped by the military for mocking the sacrifices that our brave soldiers make to serve America.

But was Rhodes done with that? Of course not. The demented Rhodes went on a few days later to slander Governor Sarah Palin by suggesting that she was a child molester, saying this about her:

She's friends with all of the teenage boys. You have to say no when your kids go 'Can we sleep over (at) the Palins?' 'No! No!'

These kinds of disgusting remarks could only be made by liberals. And the person who made them was considered to be the highest rated liberal radio talk show host on AirAmerica. It shows you that liberals agree with her. What should liberals be doing instead? They should be demanding she be fired and never get hired again anywhere! There is no way any station should continue to air this woman. Period. She is the most vile piece of sewer trash around. I can't make it any clearer.

In addition to Rhodes saying that McCain enjoyed being tortured as a Vietnam P.O.W. for 6 years, Obama himself got into the act this past weekend by releasing a TV ad making fun of McCain who has said that he does not use a computer. Not only does the Obama computer ad insult a heck of a lot of voters who also have a tough time navigating their PCs, many of these are older, high propensity voters as well.

Regardless of his attack on older voters, Obama has really (inadvertently or not) made a bad political move here. And to make matters worse for Obama, we now find out that the reason why McCain doesn't use a computer is because of his war wounds. His wounds make it extremely difficult and painful to type.

Obama has yet to apologize for the ad. So, there's the far left in all of their glory. Making fun of the sacrifices of our men & women in uniform. What's next for the far left? Saying that an Iraq war vet who's had his legs amputated due to an IED doesn't know how to run? Just remember which side hates the military & and which side also spat upon our Vets so often.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering September 11, 2001 - A day that we all changed

September 11, 2001 changed us all.

My mom woke me up & told me that somebody had bombed the WTC & the Pentagon. I remember how in shock I was that morning. I remember watching the second plane hit the WTC. I couldn't stop staring at the TV that whole day. I don't even recall leaving to go to the bathroom.

I remember how panicked everybody was. The news media was reporting that the State Department & the Sears Towers were also victims of explosions. The information was so slow to come out. So much was inaccurate.

We were all afraid. We knew that we had been attacked. We were afraid that there were more planes with terrorists on them. The FAA grounded every plane in America. I remember how angry I was that day. I remember how afraid I was. I remember how much I wanted vengeance. That day hurt really bad. It was an unexpected punch right in the gut.

It has been 7 years since that fateful morning. We should never forget how we felt. We must always remember.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joe Biden admits that Hillary would be Better VP than him

Did I mention to anybody that Joe Biden is such an idiot?

Today, Biden admitted that "Hillary might have been (a) better pick than" him. According to the ABC News blog, made this confession during a campaign rally today. In response to a rally attendee's comment that he was glad that Obama picked Biden over Hillary, Joe Biden responded by saying:

Make no mistake about this. Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be Vice President of the United States of America. Let’s get that straight. She’s a truly close personal friend, she is qualified to be President of the United States of America. She’s easily qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America, and quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. But she’s first rate, I mean that sincerely, she’s first rate, so let’s get that straight.

So, Biden thinks that not only is he less qualifed to be Vice President than Hillary , but that Hillary should actually be President also, which furthers questions about whether or not Obama was the best choice for Democrats.

I'm sure that Obama is really happy with his selection for a Vice Presidential running mate now. The funniest part about what Biden said was that Biden was actually right.

*Other stupid things that Biden has said in the past couple days:

At a rally in Colombia, Missouri, Joe Biden had this to say when introducing a State Senator who is in a wheelchair:

Chuck Graham, state senator, is here. Stand up, Chuck. Let 'em see you. Oh. God love you. What am I talking about? I tell you what, you're making everybody else stand up, though, pal. I tell you what, stand up for Chuck.

Is Biden on something or is he really missing something up there?

Biden also made another one of his sexist remarks when he said that Govenor Palin's nomination is "obviously a step backward for women":

I guess like all classic sexists, Biden knows what is better for women than they know themselves. Biden knows what a real woman should act like & how a real woman should think! What a buffoon! It's the same kind of crap that people said about Clarence Thomas - that he may be Black physically but that he doesn't think or act like a Black person should. It's an extremely racist attitude & it's beyond insulting.

So, Joe Biden, you "Knower of all things that I woman should think & do," what would you have your lady servants do today?

Upcoming Events for Tim Bee Including Saturday's Big Debate!

For those of you who are interested, here's a list of
Upcoming Bee-vents!

Wednesday, September 10th

Phonebank – Pima GOP HQ (5th & Craycroft)

5 PM – 8 PM

Thursday, September 11th

Phonebank – Bee HQ (River & Oracle)

5 PM – 8 PM

Precinct Walk – LD30

5 PM – 8 PM

Call Mike Sistak @ 520-319-1492 for info on where to meet.

UA College Republican Burma Shave (Sign-Wave)

4:30 PM – 5:45 PM

Speedway & Campbell

Bring your McCain and Tim Bee signs and show Tucson whom you support!

Contact is UA CR President Ry Ellison, 575-491-7257

Saturday, September 13th

Precinct Walk – LD26

9 AM – 12 PM

Call Mike Sistak @ 520-319-1492 for info on where to meet.

Phonebank – Bee HQ (River & Oracle)

1 PM – 4 PM

Tim Bee debate vs. our current member of Congress

U of A Student Union Ballroom (Mountain & 2nd Street)

Pro-Bee Rally – 5:15 PM, in front of ballroom

Doors Open at 5:30 PM

This is a limited seating event! Be there early so we can pack the room full of Bee supporters!

If you wish to attend any of these events, just RSVP to Mike Sistak @ or call him @ 520-319-1492!!

Barney Brenner to Speak @ September 15 Meeting of Pima YRs

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce Barney Brenner, the Republican candidate for Pima County Supervisor in District 3, as the speaker at the next meeting of the Pima YRs. Our meeting will be held @ Shogun Sushi on the northeast corner of River & Oracle Rds @ 7pm on Monday, September 15.

Barney almost won this seat before & now he's back to take this seat back for Republicans for good!

Sharon Bronson is a liberal Democrat and needs to go now! And Barney, the former Chairman of the Pima County Republican Club, is the best shot that we've had at this seat in a long time. He has been active in local Republican politics for a long time now & needs our help to get elected in November. Please join us to hear him speak & ask him questions this coming Monday.

If you will be able to attend, please RSVP to Tyler Mott.

Thanks. And I hope to see you all @ our next meeting!

And the Winners Are...

Sorry this took so long to send out, but there was one really close Primary race that kept the election results in doubt. It now appears that we have our winners from the most hotly contested Primary races with the exception of one race for the State House in LD26.

But first, on behalf of the Pima County Young Republican Club, I want to congratulate the candidates who won on Primary Night for running good campaigns. We also want to give kudos to members of our club who worked hard on those winning campaigns.

We also want to thank members of our club who may have worked hard on campaigns that didn't quite make it but fought hard anyway. There were some extremely close races during this Primary Election. In campaigns, there are always winners & losers, and we always hope that the best man or woman wins.

Republican voters in Pima County had many fine candidates from which to choose. And we hope that the best candidates are the ones who ended up winning this last Tuesday. As a club, the Pima County YRs are required to support our Republican candidates once they have won their respective Primary campaigns. So I hope that you all join the club in supporting our candidates onto victory in November.

With all of that said, the most hotly contested races appeared to be the State Senate race in LD26, the State House races in LD26 & LD30, and the Pima County Supervisor race in District 1. The results from these races are as follows:

We congratulate Al Melvin who won a hard fought campaign against State Representative Pete Hershberger to be the Republican candidate for State Senate. Both candidates worked very hard, and we now hope can put their differences behind them & unite in order to beat the Democratic candidate in November.

We also congratulate Vic Williams who won the most votes in the Republican Primary for State House in LD26. Vic has told me that he knocked on over 8500 doors during the Primary campaign - showing how much hard work in campaigns pays off. For the right to join Vic on the November ballot, we have a nail biter between Marilyn Zerull and club member Trent Humphries. I know that Club Vice Chair Michael Cole worked hard on the Humphries campaign. I am still not sure if they are done counting votes, but as of Tuesday, September 09, 2008 at 4:21:07 pm, Marilyn had a 50 lead over Trent. We hope them both the best.

*On an extremely sad side note, Marilyn's husband passed away this past weekend of a heart attack. Our thoughts & prayers go out to her and her family during this extremely difficult time. Marilyn had just recently lost her mother & had to miss many days of campaigning in order to tend to family business.

In the LD30 State House races, we want to congratulate David Gowan who received the most votes in the Republican Primary followed by Frank Antenori. Please do what you can to support both of them make it to the State House & make it harder for Janet Napolitano to get her liberal agenda force fed to Arizona voters.

In the Election for County Supervisor in Supervisorial District 1, we congratulate incumbent Ann Day beat back a fierce insurgent campaign by Joe Higgins. Our Club Treasurer Emily Mitchell worked hard on the Higgins campaign.