Friday, October 10, 2008

Alert: Connecticut Court forces gay marriage on people of Connecticut: WE NEED TO PASS PROP 102 TO PROTECT ARIZONA FAMILIES!

Connecticut became the 3rd anti-family & pro-homosexual marriage State in the nation today. With a 4-3 ruling the Connecticut Supreme Court invented out of thin air the right to marry for gay couples in that State.

Connecticut became the 3rd State in the nation to be forced by judicial fiat to recognize gay marriage. Connecticut joins Massachusetts & California as anti-family pro-gay marriage States.

The ruling further points to how important it is to pass Proposition 102 in Arizona this year. Prop. 102 is an Amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would make marriage between "one man and one woman."

California is also looking to overturn the liberal Justices who forced gay marriage upon Californians. Since voters across the country are appalled by gay marriage, pro-gay activists have used liberal courts to advance their twisted agenda. Passing the California Constitutional Amendment Proposition 8 to protect marriage this year will be of utmost importance.

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