Wednesday, October 15, 2008

John McCain beats "Senator Government" in Final Debate!

In the 3rd & Final Presidential Debate between Senators John McCain & Barack Obama. and John McCain easily defeated Obama who he mistakenly but appropriately referred to as "Senator Government."

It was the 3rd time in as many meetings that McCain beat Obama in debate, and from here on out Obama will always be known as "Senator Government."



John McCain was very effective in pointing out tonght Obama's socialist tendencies to redistribute wealth. Senator Government's plan is to render unto Obama what is yours.

I cannot even recall any Presidential candidate who was so open in their desire for class warfare & their hostility toward people who had worked hard and done well financially due to their hard work.

Senator Government lived up to his name again with a message of massive expansion of the federal government including massive spending & tax increases to pay for his newer, much more intrusive ideas of government. Senator Government admitted that he wants the to redistribute wealth @ that same time that he expands the government to fit his pro-Government agenda. Bigger government has now found a champion in Barack Obama. Senator Government is the new face & standard bearer for big government.

Barack Obama = Government's candidate

Just Say No to Senator Government!

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