Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fowler Fouls: Hurricane is God's Favor to Democrats

I found this posted on the Drudge Report this morning. Sunday morning. I knew some Democrate would come out saying this.

Here it is:

On a plane from Denver to Charlotte following the Democrats' convention, I found myself seated behind former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina. Their conversation was interesting to say the least.

For example, they made fun of Sarah Palin for several minutes, Fowler calling her "Dan Quayle" on steroids and Spratt creatively describing her as "just terrible." They both agreed that, "Other than the simple fact that she's a female," she has nothing to offer.

Then there was this gem of a moment from Fowler:

Click Here to see the You Tube video of what he said

So you see, it's funny. That New Orleans will get a hurricane. That's funny because it is due to hit when President Bush is scheduled to speak. Isn't that cool? Fowler isn't the only one who thinks so, just ask Michael Moore.

We all know Democrats used and use Katrina as a political football as callously as possible. Here's a candid moment showing some can hardly wait for another one.

All Class.

BREAKING: Statement from SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson

"The outrageous behavior of two of the Obama campaign's highest profile supporters in the south is despicable, a cynical politization of life and death. I call on Barack Obama to immediately denounce Fowler and Spratt and demand sincere apologies from these members of the Democratic leadership."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lady Palin?

I think that this pick is extremely risky for Team McCain, but the more I hear about Governor Sarah Palin, the more I like!

I also almost feel like this might be one of those times when we have set our expectations WAY TOO HIGH which only makes it easier to have those expectations crushed by some minor flaw or setback. Can Palin remain in the Super Woman stratosphere that we have elevated her to in just one day? Almost impossible. She will also have the shortest learning curve I've ever seen to get completely acquainted with every single issue that is necessary to survive on the national stage.

But with that said, I can't help but like what I hear about Governor Palin.

So, I will set the expectation even higher & hopefully not to the peril of the McCain/Palin ticket.

Could Sarah Palin one day be America's version of Margaret Thatcher? She is strong and conservative. Governor Palin is patriotic & loves freedom and defending liberty. Will we someday be calling her Lady Palin as an American tribute to Lady Thatcher? But then again, she could end up completely flopping as a Vice Presidential nominee. Only time will tell. as the "American Iron Lady" just as Lady Thatcher was "Britain's Iron Lady"?

Then there's also the part of me that feels that this is just feeding into identity politics. I have always hated hearing people ask about Hillary: "Do you think that people would elect a female President?" My response has always been some version of disgust at the question with some type of "Duh!" And the most important caviat of all, "It's just like America electing a man, a Black, a White, a Jew, or a Christian or anybody else for that matter. It should solely depend on that person's politics and if that person is strong enough to lead America." It appears that Sarah Palin has the strong conservative outlook and is indeed tough enough to be Commander-In-Chief.

It could be one of those patronizing responses when people say that: "Motherhood is the most difficult job in the world." But in all honesty, what could possibly make a person stronger than being a good mother of 5? Well, being a mother of 6 or more. But that's about it.

Governor Palin seems to exude strength and confidence. And Governor Palin appears to be a strong fiscal & social Conservative to boot. I know that she'll just be the Vice President, and execpt for the rare exception of breaking Senate ties as its President, she'll mostly be cutting ribbons & doing other cerimonial things.

But if elected & if the more we hear about Governor Palin the better it continues to get, could it, oh could it be true that she will someday be "America's Iron Lady?"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin to be John McCain's Running Mate

And Sarah Palin it is! Palin is the Governor of Alaska. Maybe we can force Democrats to think about drilling now!

Who will be the VEEP?

The Vice Presidential speculation has reached a fever pitch with the McCain campaign doing multiple head fakes and enjoying watching the media running every which way for the scoop.

Rumors yesterday about Romney and Pawenty. Now today, was there a secret charter plane out of Alaska with Sarah Palin on it?

We will know soon enough, but the media is in a frenzy about the whole thing. Once they have forgotten who Obama was in this frenzy to get the scoop, McCain should be announcing his choice at about 9 am Arizona time.

Well played Team McCain.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Anti-War Left Ain't Gonna Like This

Joe Biden had some very aggressive words during his speech at the DNC tonight regarding the use of the US Military. He mentioned his (and Obama's desire) to send two more combat *batallions to Afghanistan. He also implied possible military action against Pakistan. This was followed by the threat of harsh consequences for Russia for their invasion of Georgia.

My question following Biden's mentioning of these things was how did the extreme anti-war fringe left that controls much of the Democrat Party react to hearing about escalating one war and possibly pushing the US Military into two more conflicts? One of those conflicts would be against a country with nuclear warheads and missiles.

The Democrats have attempted during this Convention to pretend like they don't hate the military, like they don't despise American patriotism & like they don't despise the concept of American Exceptionalism.

In other words, they have attempted to pretend that they are actually Republicans. So my question is this: have the Democrats possibly upset their political base of anti-American & fringe anti-war nutjobs?

It's a possibility. But don't hold your breath. Just remember how the anti-war left bit their tongues when Bill Clinton started bombing in Kosovo from 30,000 feet. The anti-war left would rarely complain about the actions or intentions of a Democrat President. I see Biden's talk to be no different.

But just think of what they'd be saying right now if Joe Biden had an "(R)" after his name.

*Correction: I had originally said about Biden's speech that: "...He mentioned his (and Obama's desire) to send two more combat brigades to Afghanistan." That was incorrect. This is just what I assumed he said when I went off memory because what he actually said seemed so implausible & inconsequential to me. Obama has called for two more brigades in Afghanistan, which have much larger and significant numbers than what Biden called for tonight which was two combat batallions.

By saying that he and Obama wanted "two batallions", Biden was greatly diminishing the amount of military power he would add in Afghanistan in order to hunt down bin Laden. But what Biden did say tonight, whether or not it was just a slip of the tongue, does bring into question the fact that neither Obama nor Biden has served in our military. Yet one will be running for Commander-In-Chief with the other one a single heart beat away from that job. John McCain's military experience really does matter.


In November, remember to vote NO on the Initiative titled "Stop Illegal Hiring." Contrary to its dishonest title, this Initiaitve would destroy the Employer Sanctions Laws passed by the legislature during the last two years.

These laws have been critical to helping Arizona try and stop the incentive for employer hiring of illegal aliens. Now that employers know there will be REAL consequences if they knowingly hire illegal aliens in Arizona, employers that have purposefully broken the law in the past are faced with the choices of following the law or going out of business. If businesses must cheat in order to get ahead, then they should not be in business in the first place.

The following talks about the Initiative which is being sponsored by many of the businesses that have hired the most illegal alien labor in the past:

Arizona SIHA Initiative

The Stop Illegal Hiring Act ("SIHA") ballot initiative has been certified by the Arizona Secretary of State. Drafters allege that the SIHA initiative, as its name suggests, would enhance the current Arizona Employer Sanctions Law. However, the title is misleading. The initiative, rather than enhancing, effectively guts the pioneering enforcement mechanisms in Arizona's current law.

The current Arizona law mandates that covered business entities register with the federal E-Verify program. E-Verify allows the employer to quickly and reliably confirm the work authorization status of a new hire online, and makes clear to employers that they are not to hire unauthorized aliens. For noncitizens, it also provides a photo that the business can compare to the identification document presented by the newly hired worker. This feature provides important additional protection against rapidly spreading identity theft crimes.

By making E-Verify use optional, SIHA would strip the Employer Sanctions law of any practical incentive to comply with employer sanctions laws. Prevention of illegal employment is the most effective means of deterring illegal immigration. The SIHA initiative will, if successful, remove the requirement for enrollment in the E-verify program; permit an employer's compliance with the I-9 paperwork process to serve as a non-rebuttable presumption that they have not violated the law; and, thus, limit the statute's effectiveness to employers and employees located in Arizona.

Allowing compliance with the I-9 process to serve as a "non-rebuttable presumption of innocence" will make it much harder to sanction a covered Arizona business owner from employing unauthorized aliens. The I-9 process requires an employer to receive two forms of identification "verifying" that a person has a lawful status, and to maintain a copy of the I-9 form in his file. However, this process is not enforced by the federal government. Therefore, an employer could - if not required to enroll in the E-verify program - accept two falsified forms of documentation from an illegal alien. Granting a "nonrebuttable presumption of innocence" to employers who merely accept false documents and fill out a non-enforceable I-9 form only encourages those employers to continue employing unauthorized aliens in violation of federal law.

Understandably, Arizona voters could easily be tricked into approving this initiative on the false premise that it provides harsher penalties for companies employing illegal aliens. Once enacted through the initiative process, it will be very difficult for the state legislature to amend or improve the law in the future. Activists and elected officials in Arizona need to protect the electorate and the public from the disinformation behind the SIHA initiative.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to Vote Early!

In our YR meeting tonight, some members wanted me to pass them the info on how to request an early ballot. So here goes.

You can fill out your request for an early ballot by clicking here or you can call the Pima County Division of Elections @ (520) 740-4330.

It is too late to request an early ballot for the Republican Primary Election, but you still have time to request an early ballot for the November General Election.

Fear the Democrats & the Thought of Government-ran Health Care!

Now that we are half through the Democrat Party Convention, we are reminded how important it is to elect John McCain as President & Republican candidates nationwide.

The Democrats want to the government to control our Nation's health care system. Nothing seems more frightening to me than this. Hillary talked a lot about this during her speech & this was a common theme for many of the Democrat speakers.

Can you say scary?

As the great Ronald Reagan said: "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

How can we trust the government controlling health care, the most important aspect of our
lives? This one is life or death.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is Joe Biden a racist or just an idiot?

In order to show that we have entered a United States that has truly gotten past racism, Obama chooses Joe Biden - a blowhard who has made very bizarre racist remarks - as his running mate.

Everyone should remember when Biden made his racist tirade against Americans of Indian decent. While campaigning in 2006, he said:

"You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent."

Why he said this I don't know. But it makes me think that this may be a perfect time for John McCain to pick Bobby Jindal as his running mate. I wonder how much Joe Biden would squirm while confronting the racist question during the VP debate if he were to be sitting across from an American of Indian decent. It will probably put Biden in one of his classic bloviating modes that will just dig him a deeper hole.

Then there was the time during Biden's failed bid for President during the 2008 Democratic primary campaign when Biden attempted to compliment Barack Obama by attacking every black person in America. This is what he said about Obama:

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."

Um.... Well, I guess that Biden believes that Obama is the first black guy in America to ever take a shower, so maybe that's why he won't have a problem being on the same stage with Obama? And according to Biden, Obama is also the first black guy who can talk too & who even has a brain!

Was Obama trying to sink his own campaign on purpose or were there just so few other options?

I've always called the Democratic Party of America by its true name "The Racist Party of America" & Joe Biden just confirms this. Just when the racists who control the Dem Party seemed to be losing control, they reassert their power in a big way! Joe Biden has a recent history of racist remarks, whether or not he means any harm by his racist rants, does not change this fact.

The Land of the Free & the Home of the World's Best Athletes!

With the 2008 Communist Chinese Olympic Games over, many have been amazed by the performance of the Chinese Communists. During these Olympic Games, the ChiComs have an Olympic best 51 Gold Medals. The United States won a total of 36 Gold Medals. The United States won an Olympic best 110 total Medals when including Silver and Bronze Medals trailed in 2nd place by the ChiComs at 100 total Medals.

So, it would appear that the United States has been passed by the Commie Chinese as the world's sports superpower since the Commie Chinese earned so many Golds. This should not come as a surprise since China has 19.8% of the world's population compared to 4.8% for the United States. Plus, the economy of the Chinese Commies will soon overpass the United States as the world's largest industrial superpower & within the next 20 years as the world's #1 total economy.

But when we look at the total Medal counts as Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports 4th Place Blog did, we realize that the Chinese won 27 of their total Gold Medals in judged "sports" compared to just 4 Gold Medals in judged "sports" for the United States.

As Chase points out when removing judged Medals from the total, the total Medal count of the China & United States would change

Chinese Commies: 51 Gold, 21 Silver & 28 Bronze Medals for a total of 100 Medals
USA: 36 Gold, 38 Silver & 36 Bronze Medals for a total of 110 Medals


Chinese Commies: 24 Gold, 17 Silver, 14 Bronze Medals for a still impressive total of 55 "real" Medals
USA: 32 Gold, 31 Silver & 21 Bronze Medals for a dominating total of 80 "real" Medals.

Since the Olympics is supposed to be a time for athletes of the world to come together and compete in fair competitions & decide for themselves who is the fastest, strongest, or can score the most goals, etc., having "sports" in the Olympics which are decided by judges, is counter-intuitive to everything for which the Olympics should stand.

Events at the Olympics like synchronized swimming, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and diving are all beautiful forms of art that require amazing levels of physical talent, endurance & precision, but beg the question of how exactly is a person supposed to objectively judge art. Maybe judged sports shouldn't be removed from Olympic competition completely, but there needs to be an asterisk after the medals earned in these "sports" or separate medal counts for the sports medals & the artistic medals.

This judge issue appears to be a problem that might only get worse too. At the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London, both baseball & softball will be removed from the lineup. And the best sport in the world, American football will still be nowhere to be seen. We can only hope.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Does Joe Biden think Obama's Ready to be President?

Well, the answer is in the lastest Ad from the McCain Campaign. Barack Obama's new running mate Joe Biden reaffirms in the ad that Obama isn't ready to be President & that McCain would be a great President.

Al Melvin Speaking @ Tuesday, August 26 Meeting of Pima YRs

I am excited to announce that the Pima County YRs will be having our next meeting this coming Tuesday, August 26 @ 7:00 pm @ Shogun Sushi. This will be our last meeting before the Republican primary on September 2, 2008.

Our speaker will be Al Melvin who is a candidate for the Arizona State Senate in LD26. Al was a Captain in the US Merchant Marines and is currently a college professor. So, please join us in welcoming Al Melvin this coming Tuesday evening. If you would like to know more about Al Melvin & his campaign, please visit his campaign website at

I also want to apologize because Marilyn Zerull, candidate for State House in LD26, who was also scheduled to speak at Tuesday's meeting will be unable to attend. Marilyn's mother passed away this past week, so she has to attend to family business. Our thoughts & prayers will be with Marilyn & her family during this difficult time. If you want to know more about Marilyn & her campaign, you can visit her campaign website @

If you will be able to attend Tuesday's meeting, please RSVP ASAP by calling Tyler Mott. Thanks. And I'll see you on Tuesday.

My text message from the Obama Campaign

For all of you that would be jealous out there, I already got my text message from the Obama campaign. This is what it said:

Hi. This is your text message from Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. I have chosen Senator Joe Biden as my Presidential running mate because he said that I am "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean."

So, there you go.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AZ Senate President Tim Bee to Speak @ August 11 Meeting of Young Republicans

I am very excited to announce that Arizona Senate President Tim Bee will be speaking at the next meeting of the Pima County YRs at Shogun Sushi on Monday, August 11 @ 7 pm!

Senator Bee is the Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Congressional District 8. He is running against first term liberal Democrat incumbent Gabrielle Giffords. This is one of the biggest races of the 2008 election & Senator Bee needs our help!

Senator Bee is the first Arizona Senate President representing Southern Arizona since 1974. We really need Tim Bee's powerful voice in Washington DC. This year's CD8 race will be one of the most watched races nationally. It could very easily be the race that decides whether or not Republicans regain a majority in the US House.

For more information on Senator Bee & his campaign please visit his campaign website @ Please RSVP ASAP with Tyler Mott @ 520-444-6280 if you will be able to attend since this event should be standing room only. Senator Bee will be one of our biggest speakers of the year, so please make a real effort to attend. We want Senator Bee to know just how much support that he has from the Young Republicans.