Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Steve K ad for Tucson City Council!

Here's a great ad for Steve Kozachik who's running for the Tucson City Council. He's obviously somebody who walks the walk instead of just talking the talk. Go Steve K!

Also go check out Steve K's website:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Video of local anti-Obamacare Rally

It's always nice when we can put a local spin on things. I liked this video of a recent protest against Obama's Destruction of American Healthcare Bill.

I like how they are using the Dem "mob" attack against the Dems. This video shows just how ridiculous that attack is. I also liked Sean Hannity's idea of all conservatives giving themselves a good mobster nickname. I think that I will call myself "Tommy Gun Tyler."

Let us know what you want your mobster nickname to be.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama, Chavez, Hillary & Castro

Hey everybody, I’m back from my initial training with the United States Army & I promise to post on here more often in the future.

For my first post since returning from military training, I feel that it’s important to talk about the very fragile situation down in Honduras.

It seems that our President & Secretary of State have come down on the side of the two most repressive dictators in the Western Hemisphere.

Here's a little background. As many of you know, Hugo Chavez is the extreme socialist thug, who wanted to be President for life of Venezuela in order to spread communism across Latin America. Chavez also had a friend and socialist ally in Honduras who also liked the idea of being Honduran President for life. So, the thug in Honduras, Manuel Zeyala, decided to force his way into being President for life by pushing a ballot initiative to change to the Honduran Constitution. The Honduran Supreme Court then ruled Zeyala's referendum was unconstitutional since any major constitutional changes in Honduras must be originated by the elected assembly.

But in an act meant to destabilize the entire democracy in Honduras, Zeyala tried to force the military to hold the referendum anyway. When Honduras' commanding general refused to go against the ruling made by the Honduras Supreme Court, Zeyala fired the general. The Supreme Court then ordered that the military detain Zeyala due to Zeyala’s attempts to overthrow Honduran democracy & push for his own authoritarian rule. Sunday morning, troops followed the orders of the Honduran Supreme Court & detained Zeyala. Mr. Zeyala then asked to receive safe passage to Costa Rica instead of standing trial for his crimes against the democracy of Honduras. This safe passage was granted & then once safely inside Costa Rica, Mr. Zeyala began to cry that he was the victim of a coup d'etat. We know this is not at all what took place.

Once Zeyala was removed from office the Honduran Assembly voted to chose its Speaker as the new interim President of Honduras. The new President is also a member of Zeyala’s political party so this was not some kind of partisan attack. This was a defense of continuing democracy in Honduras. As such, the new President immediately announced that the Presidential Election scheduled for this fall would go on as planned with no changes to allow for candidates to remain in power indefinitely as Zeyala had desired. It was an absolutely bloodless & necessary dismissal of a Head of State who no longer believed in the institutions of democracy & the rule of law.

Now comes the liberal establishment of the world & those who support socialism, communism & other left-leaning authoritarian regimes. They are crying foul. They believe that the crime in this situation was the deposing of Zeyala & not the true crime which was Zeyala's quest to end democracy in Honduras.

Who has echoed this cry? The loudest voice has been the psychopath Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. And he has been followed by the brutal Castro brothers in Cuba. The words of Chavez & the Castros have been regurgitated by their American media allies, the New York Times & the Washington Post.

But who else has condemned the ouster of the wannabe Honduran dictator? Well, our very own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, did. And so did our President Barack "BIG GOVERNMENT" Obama. Once again, Obama comes down on the wrong side. You can tell a lot about a person by the company that person keeps. And if I were Obama, I would think long & hard about whether or not being on the same side as Hugo Chavez & Fidel Castro was a good thing.

The positions of President Obama & Sec. Clinton are irresponsible & dangerous & further flame the fire of the communist trio of Chavez & the Castro brothers. We cannot support the forms of government that these men espouse. In making statements against what has happened in Honduras without considering all of the facts, we endanger struggling democracies in the entire hemisphere.

How can President Government ask that we hold judgment on the ayatollahs in Iran when he refuses to hold judgment on the Honduran Congress, Honduran Supreme Court & the thousands of Hondurans who have been protesting Zeyala's brutal tactics & his authoritarian power grab?

I would hope that if any American President tried to change the length of his or her term in office 5 months before he or she became ineligible for re-election that there would be an outcry from the international community & support for the people at home who would see right through this.

Tyler Mott

Former Chairman, Pima County Young Republicans

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Health Care Town Hall

Due to popular demand, The Tucson Tea Party will be holding a Town Hall type meeting on Monday June 22 at 6:00 pm.

Health Care Reform: Sorting Myth from Reality
Monday, June 22, 2009
Tucson Medical Center
Marshall Meeting Room

5301 E Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ 85712

Panelists currently include:

Byron Schlomach- Director, Center for Economic Prosperity, Goldwater Institute

Dr. Jane Orient- Managing editor, Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Bennett Davis, President, Pima County Medical Society.

We hope to add more panelists and sponsors shortly. We will update everyone as we learn more.

Thank you for your support and we hope you will be able to attend.

Trent Humphries

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our national Budget is this Right?

What is Upcoming with the YR's

Upcoming Events :

Walking for Ward 3 Candidate Ben Garcia

Wednesday May 13
5:30 pm till dark
Meet at Frys Parking lot at Roger and 1st Ave

Saturday May 16
Meet at the Tucson Mall Parking lot between Mervyn's and Macy's
Contact Kevin Herring at 465-8594 if you have questions

Weekend of the Warrior
A Night to Honor our Veterns
Friday May 22
Old Pueblo Grill 60 N Alvernon Way
4:30 to 7pm
Free Event
Come meet State Representive Frank Antenori
State Senator Jonathan Paton and become a PC

Saturday June 6
Gun Safety and Shooting Day for the YR's

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meeting monday

Its that time of the month.

For all Young Republicans to meet at Old Pueblo Grill at 7pm for our meeting. Old Pueblo Grill is located at Alvernon Way and Broadway Blvd. It is on Monday May 11, 2009

I would love to see everyone out there that can be there.

Mike Cole
Pima YR Chariman

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is how bad the DNC has gotten and how weak they think the GOP is.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

YR on the Radio

A couple weeks ago the Young Republicans were on the radio again.

Myself and Justin Pierce were on Inside Track with Emil Franzi. It was a great time.

Emil is a former Chairman the Young Rep in California.

Go to April 11
Hour 2 and you can listen to us.


Arizona State Convention

I forgot to post any information about this.

This Saturday May 2, 2009

Is the Arizona Young Republican State Convention.
What exactly do we do at a state convention, well we elect our state leaders for the next 2 years. Our State Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Committeeman, and Committeewoman. We also vote on any changes to the State Constitution.

It takes place May 2 at 1pm at Pima County Republican Headquarters on 5th and Craycroft.

It should be over by 3pm.

This is your chance to vote on State Leaders of the Young Republicans of Arizona.

See you there
Mike Cole
Pima County YR Chairman

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upcoming Republican Events in Pima County

Upcoming Events :
Join Steve Kozachik and other people to kick off 2009
Steve is running for Tucson City Council in Ward 6
Join Steve This Sunday May 3
2-5pm Help us walk the neighborhoods
5pm BBQ and hear Steve speak about his vision for Tucson future
Himmel Park 1000 N Tucson Blvd
Email Alyson at to RSVP or just show up.

Meet Congressman Jeff Flake from AZ CD 6 on Friday May 8 at 7pm at the Manning House.
Call GOP HDQ at 321-1492 for more info

Tomorrow night, Thursday, April 30th, the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-Arizona) is sponsoring a Taxpayer Town Hall meeting in Sierra Vista , from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Southeast Arizona Association of Realtors meeting room located at 125 S. 2nd Street in Sierra Vista (map).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Important Movie Tonight Only

News Talk 790 is showing a very important movie tonight. Sorry about the last minute about this. The movie is showing at Tower Theaters I-10 and Cortaro Rd 7:30 PM-9:30 PM
TKTS are $8
See you all there.

Here is some info about this.
Join 790 KNST for the only big-screen showings in Tucson of the award-winning documentary "Drug Wars: Silver or Lead."
Producer / Director Rusty Fleming will be here for both nights, leading a panel discussion with border sheriffs and other officials about the life-or-death threat the Mexican narco-terrorist drug cartels pose for Tucson, Arizona, and the United States.

View Trailer at

Mike Cole
Pima County YR Chairman

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upcoming Events

Hi Everyone
Just want to let you know of some upcoming events.
Upcoming Events :
Thursday April 23, 2009
4-6pm Cocktails and Conversation at Jonathan's Cork
Tanque Verde and Pima

Tuesday April 28th 5:30 PM at the Tucson Convention Center Public Budget Hearing and Rally
Sponsored by the Tucson Tea Party

Monday May 11 6:30 PM
Monthly Meeting Old Pueblo Grill

Hope to see you at one of these fine events
Mike Cole
YR Chairman

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is this What WE VOTED FOR

President Obama made the first move to greet Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, but it was the acerbic and anti-American leader who beat Obama to the punch on the World Wide Web.

In a clear indication Chavez sought to leverage his brief encounter with Obama at the opening ceremonies of the fifth Summit of the Americas here, Chavez's government Web site almost immediately posted a photo of the two leaders and a government-approved commentary in Spanish that read as follows:

"Before the Inaugural session of the 5th Summit of the Americas, the President of the United States approached President Chavez to greet him. They both drew their hands in a historic handshake after many years of tension under the Bush administration, when relations between Washington and Caracas had deteriorated. President Chavez expressed to Obama his desire for changes in the relations between the two countries. Eight years ago I greeted President Bush with this same hand. I'd like to be your friend."

It took the White House almost three hours to confirm the handshake. As of 9:20 p.m. EST there was no indication the White House intended to release any photos. A senior administration official declined to describe the leaders' glancing conversation, but did not dispute the Venezuelan government's account.

Late Friday, Obama told reporters he said to Chavez: "Como Esta?" (How are you?)

The two men met in the Jade Room of the Hyatt hotel in downtown Port-of-Spain. It was there Obama also shook hands with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Trunk ' n Tusk Special Event with

Radio Talk Show Host Jon Justice

April 17 from 5-7 PM -- Radio talk show host of 104.1 FM JON JUSTICE along with AZ Senator Al Melvin (LD26) , AZ Rep. Frank Antenori (LD30) , AZ Rep. Vic Williams, (LD26) Supervisor Ray Carroll (District 4) along with Tucson City Council Candidates Steve Kozachik , Ben Buehler-Garcia & maybe a surprise from Ward 5!

And special visitor: Gio Cicione, Rhode Island GOP Chairman!

McMahon’s Prime Steak House

2959 N. Swan Road

Hors d’oeuvres and Cash Bar

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came out to the 1st Tucson Tea Party on April 15. There will be more to come. It was great to see that I am not the only one pissed off at the local, state and national government. There will be more to come in the future. Everyone that is checking out our blog/website for the first time Welcome. You may post your comments at the end of the blog or email the club at

I will get back to you in one or two days.

Our next meeting will be May 11, 2009 at Old Pueblo Grill. The executive board is working on many fun activities for the summer. We are going to have a fun summer of gun shooting, and other events.

Mike Cole
Chairman of Pima County Young Republicans

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Barney Frank "How much responsibility do you have for the financial crisis?"

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) and a conservative Harvard law student debated over how Frank should have handled his role as the House Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Frank was at Harvard University for a speech at the Kennedy School of Government.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2nd Anniversary for 1041 the Truth





(must be 21 or over)



Tea Party Sign Making Party

Hey everyone,

Exciting news. KVOA 4 local news wants to film a sign making party for a segment they will be playing on Friday.

We have gone ahead and organized one for tomorrow, THURSDAY, APRIL 9. It will start at 6 p.m.

It will be downtown at La Entrada Apartments, 255 N Granada Ave, Apartment 1049 near the main office.

There is plenty of metered parking along the nearby side streets, which is all free after five.

Feel free to come by! We will have materials, but please bring some of your own as well!

This is a great opportunity to show the news media what we are all about, so be there! Let me know if you plan on attending!

Meeting on Monday Evening

Hi Everyone

I am needing lots of help for the upcoming Tea Party event happening on Wednesday April 15 at El Presido Park in downtown Tucson from 9am-2pm. If everyone could bring a case of water or soda to our monthly meeting on Monday that would really help a lot. This is a great fundraiser for our club. I do not want to have to use club funds to buy water or soda. I promise you we will make a lot of money at this event and also need your help that day selling the beverages.

Also if you don't have plans yet for this Friday after work. Local radio station 104.1 the Truth is celebrating there 2nd Anniversary on the air at AT THE MONSOON ROOM IN DESERT DIAMOND CASINO address is 7350 S Nogales Hwy, Tucson, AZ‎

It starts at 5pm if you want to carpool or want to meet me and a couple other people I know are going give me a call at 248-1258. Tim Bee and Frank Antienori will be there among others. Good chance to thank 1041 for being a local voice in our community.

Also Justin Pierce and I will be on the Emil Franzi show on Saturday April 11 at 2pm. I will post a podcast in case you can't listen.

Meeting on Monday April 13 at 6:30 pm at Old Pueblo Grill on the Patio out in front.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teleprompter website

I heard this on the way to work this morning on the Neal Boortz show. Barack Obama teleprompter has a blog site.

Check it out.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi Everyone
I wanted to update everyone on what is going on with the club and an upcoming event.

Justin Pierce and Jennifer Croyle were on the Jon Justice show on Tuesday March 17 at 8:30 am
Here is the audio from that show.

We will be on the Emil Franzi show on April 11 at 2pm.

Our next meeting is April 13 at 6:30 pm for social and 7pm for meeting time at Old Pueblo Grill at Alvernon and Broadway.

Our Big Event in April is the Tea Party Tax Revolt on April 15. It is going to be a fun event with speakers and music and fun and showing Washington and Tucson about the money they have been waisting on stupid projects. It is taking place at El Presido Park by the Courthouse in downtown Tucson from 9am-2pm. Bring tea bags to send to DC. Stop by when you have time.

As for other news within the club. I found out that one of our members is going to be expecting twins in August. Rebecca and Ed Esposito will be expecting twin girls sometime in August. The hottest month in Tucson. Good Luck Rebecca. I have Rebecca's address and if anyone wants to go in on a gift I will be collecting money for them at the next meeting. This is there first time have kids.


I did hear word that past chairman Tyler Mott is in Virginia for more training. He should return to Tucson sometime in May.

That is all for now

Mike Cole
Pima County Chairman

Friday, March 20, 2009

Barack on Tonight Show Special Olympics

Hey Everyone
If you didn't get to see or hear about this. Barack Obama was on the Tonight Show to show he was just like a regular star. He forgot his telepromtor and made a mistake of talking about the Special Olympics. Here is the video from it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

New websites up

Hey Everyone

If you look off to the side of this page you will see I have put up a few more websites for you to check out.
Two of them are for the National Convention coming up in July.
The other is the National Convention Website to find out more about it.

Mike Cole

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Young Republicans on the radio Listen to it

Hello Everyone

Don't forget about our two upcoming events. Our monthly meeting at Old Pueblo Grill at 6:30 for social time and 7pm for our meeting time. We are going to be talking more about the committees to join. Also talk more about the club in General and our speaker is going to be former Pima County Chairman John Munger. Hope to see you there

Second event is going to see the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Chicago Cubs on Sunday March 15 at 1:05 pm. I am going to be asking for RSVP at the meeting so be prepared to tell me if you can go or not.

Also click on the link below to hear Justin Pierce and I on the Jim Parisi show. We were on Thursday February 26.

Go to

Have a great week

Mike Cole
Pima County Young Republican Chairman

Friday, February 27, 2009

YR's on the Radio

Hey Everyone
Justin Pierce and I were on the Jim Parisi show on Thursday February 26, 2009 from 8:00am -8:30am talking about the Young Republican Group and how Young people can get involved in the party. As soon as KNST post the audio from the show I will post it here and sent it out by email to everyone I have on the email list.

Have a good weekend

Mike Cole

Friday, February 13, 2009

Minutes from the February 9, 2009 meeting

Pima County Young Republicans
February 9, 2009

o The VA Hospital service project is tabled until the club hears from Hannah.
o Justin spoke about helping out district chairs. Our focus for the next month will be LD 26. Patti Comerford is running and needs help for the upcoming election (3/10).
o Mike discussed his visit with the College Republicans.
o Justin spoke about future fundraising projects.
 First, the club would like to sponsor a First Friday event. We would borrow $500 (for the sponsorship) from the county party and pay them back with money earned at the event. We would want to focus on “Why conservatism is cool”—in so many words. Members think September will be a good month to sponsor this even.
 Second, the club would like to host our own “Vegas Night.” Members think October would be a good time to promote the young face of conservatism—right before November. Members were asked to think about venues other than the Manning House. Christopher volunteered to DJ the event.
o The group also discussed having a “fun” activity in March. Mike is looking into going to a shooting range. Other ideas were bowling or wall climbing.
o Next, the group discussed subcommittees and asked members to consider serving on the following:
 Service
 Social/Events
 Communications
 Recruiting
o Treasurer’s Report: $162.43

Guest Speaker
 Bruce Ash—RNC Committeeman for the State of AZ

Additional Business
 Our next meeting will be Monday, 3/9/09 at 7:00 p.m. at El Parado Restaurant—Broadway & Country Club

SURPRISE! Dems Break Promise: Stimulus Bill to Floor Friday

In a press conference Thursday, the House Republican leadership spoke candidly about being kept out of the House-Senate conference on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid so-called “economic stimulus” bill. They confirmed they had not yet seen the text of the bill as of 4 p.m.

Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he was unsure how many Democrats would vote with Republicans again on this bill but that he thought Republicans “may get a few” Democrats to side with them. The fact that the Demos have now broken their promise to have the public able to see the bill for 48 hours may drive more Dems into the Republican camp.

“[I] don’t know, ‘cause they haven’t seen the bill either,” Boehner said.

“The American people have a right to know what’s in this bill,” Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind) told HUMAN EVENTS after the press conference. “Every member of Congress -- Republicans and Democrats -- voted to post this bill on the internet for 48 hours, 48 hours ago. We’ll see if the Democrats keep their word.”

Actually -- as of 5:15 pm, the Democrats had broken their word. The stimulus bill -- which we still haven’t seen -- will be released late tonight and will be brought up on the House floor at 9 am tomorrow.

The following statement was released by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer at 4:57 p.m.:

"The House is scheduled to meet at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and is expected to proceed directly to consideration of the American Recovery and Reinvestment conference report. The conference report text will be filed this evening, giving members enough time to review the conference report before voting on it tomorrow afternoon."

Meanwhile, at an earlier presser Thursday, Pelosi -- while talking about legislation regarding school construction funds -- said it was vital to see the language of a bill before making decisions. had the following quote:

“With all of this you have to see the language. You said this --- I said that --- I understood it to be this way --- you know, we wanted to see it in writing and when we did that then we were able to go forward."

"Around here language means a lot. Words weigh a ton and one person's understanding of a spoken description might vary from another's. We wanted to see it. And not only just I had to see it, I had to show it to my colleagues and my caucus. We wanted to take all the time that was necessary to make sure it was right."

Congressional members are also exchanging barbs via the popular social network Twitter. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) twittered, "Don't know when we're going to vote. Will the no votes delay vote just because they can? Speed is important. They know that."

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) twittered back, “Those in favor of speed over commonsense may just be afraid of letting the People know what they are ramming through.”

UPDATE: The Democrats finally made the bill's language available around 11 p.m. Thursday, approximately 10 hours before members meet Friday to consider the bill and 38 hours short of the time promised Americans to review the bill.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Republicans Elect a New Chairman

Michael Steele becomes first black RNC chairman

The Republican Party chose the first black national chairman in its history Friday, just shy of three months after the nation elected a Democrat as the first African-American president. The choice marked no less than "the dawn of a new party," declared the new GOP chairman, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. Republicans chose Steele over four other candidates, including former President George W. Bush's hand-picked GOP chief, who bowed out declaring, "Obviously the winds of change are blowing."

Steele takes the helm of a beleaguered Republican Party that is trying to recover after crushing defeats in November's national elections that gave Democrats control of Congress put Barack Obama in the White House.

GOP delegates erupted in cheers and applause when his victory was announced, but it took six ballots to get there. He'll serve a two-year term.

Steele, an attorney, is a conservative, but he was considered the most moderate of the five candidates running.
He was also considered an outsider because he's not a member of the Republican National Committee. But the 168-member RNC clearly signaled it wanted a change after eight years of Bush largely dictating its every move as the party's standard-bearer.

Steele became the first black candidate elected to statewide office in Maryland in 2002, and he made an unsuccessful Senate run in 2006. The former chairman of the Maryland Republican Party currently serves as chairman of GOPAC, an organization that recruits and trains Republican political candidates, and in that role he has been a frequent presence on the talk show circuit.

He vowed to expand the reach of the party by competing for every group, everywhere.

"We're going to say to friend and foe alike: 'We want you to be a part of us, we want you to with be with us.' And for those who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over," Steele said.

"There is not one inch of ground that we're going to cede to anybody," he added.
"This is the dawn of a new party moving in a new direction with strength and conviction."

His job is to spark a revival for the GOP as it takes on an empowered Democratic Party under the country's first black president in the next midterm elections and beyond.

He replaces Mike Duncan, who abandoned his re-election bid in the face of dwindling support midway through Friday's voting.

Two others who trailed farther back in the voting eventually followed suit, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis.

In the sixth and final round of voting, Steele went head-to-head with his only remaining opponent, South Carolina GOP chief Katon Dawson. Steele clinched the election with 91 votes; a majority of 85 committee members was needed.
Just eight years after Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress, the GOP finds itself out of power, without a standard-bearer and trying to figure out how to rebound while its foe seems to grow ever stronger.

The Democratic Party boasts a broadened coalition of voters - including Hispanics and young people - who swung behind Obama's call for change. At the same time, the slice of voters who call themselves Republican has narrowed. The GOP also has watched as Democrats have dominated both coasts while making inroads into the West and South, leaving Republicans with a shrunken base.

Despite the run of GOP losses, Duncan had argued that he should be re-elected because of his experience; his five challengers called for change and said they represented it.

As he left the race, Duncan thanked Bush and said of his two-year tenure: "It truly has been the highlight of my life."

Another candidate, former Tennessee GOP Chairman Chip Saltsman, withdrew from the race on the eve of voting and with no explanation, saying only in a letter to RNC members, "I have decided to withdraw my candidacy."

Saltsman, who ran former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's failed presidential campaign last year, saw his bid falter in December after he drew controversy for mailing to committee members a CD that included a song titled "Barack the Magic Negro" by conservative comedian Paul Shanklin and sung to the music of "Puff, the Magic Dragon."

Friday, January 23, 2009

Letter from the Bush Twins to the Obama Girls


Sasha and Malia, we were seven when our beloved grandfather was sworn in as the 41st President of the United States. We stood proudly on the platform, our tiny hands icicles, as we lived history. We listened intently to the words spoken on Inauguration Day service, duty, honor. But being seven, we didn't quite understand the gravity of the position our Grandfather was committing to. We watched as the bands marched by -- the red, white, and blue streamers welcoming us to a new role: the family members of a President.

We also first saw the White House through the innocent, optimistic eyes of children. We stood on the North Lawn gazing with wonder at her grand portico. The White House was alive with devoted and loving people, many of whom had worked in her halls for decades. Three of the White House ushers, Buddy, Ramsey, and "Smiley", greeted us when we stepped into her intimidating hallway. Their laughter and embraces made us feel welcome right away. Sasha and Malia, here is some advice to you from two sisters who have stood where you will stand and who have lived where you will live:

-- Surround yourself with loyal friends. They'll protect and calm you and join in on some of the fun, and appreciate the history.

-- If you're traveling with your parents over Halloween, don't let it stop you from doing what you would normally do. Dress up in some imaginative, elaborate costume (if you are like us a pack of Juicy Fruit and a Vampiress) and trick-or-treat down the plane aisle.

-- If you ever need a hug, go find Ramsey. If you want to talk football, look for Buddy. And, if you just need a smile, look for "Smiley."

-- And, a note on White House puppies--our sweet puppy Spot was nursed on the lawn of the White House. And then of course, there's Barney, who most recently bit a reporter. Cherish your animals because sometimes you'll need the quiet comfort that only animals can provide.

-- Slide down the banister of the solarium, go to T-ball games, have swimming parties, and play Sardines on the White House lawn. Have fun and enjoy your childhood in such a magical place to live and play.

-- When your dad throws out the first pitch for the Yankees, go to the game.

-- In fact, go to anything and everything you possibly can: the Kennedy Center for theater, State Dinners, Christmas parties (the White House staff party is our favorite!), museum openings, arrival ceremonies, and walks around the monuments. Just go. Four years goes by so fast, so absorb it all, enjoy it all!

For four years, we spent our childhood holidays and vacations in the historic house. We could almost feel the presence of all the great men and women who had lived here before us. When we played house, we sat behind the East sitting room's massive curtains as the light poured in illuminating her yellow walls. Our seven-year-old imaginations soared as we played in the enormous, beautiful rooms; our dreams, our games, as romantic as her surroundings. At night, the house sang us quiet songs through the chimneys as we fell asleep.

In late December, when snow blanketed the front lawn, all of our cousins overtook the White House. Thirteen children between the ages of two and 12 ran throughout her halls, energized by the crispness in the air and the spirit of the season. Every room smelled of pine; the entire house was adorned with thistle; garlands wound around every banister. We sat on her grand staircase and spied on the holiday dancing below. Hours were spent playing hide-and-go-seek. We used a stage in the grand ballroom to produce a play about Santa and his reindeer. We watched as the National Christmas Tree was lit and admired the chef as he put the final icing on the gingerbread house.

When it was time, we left the White House. We said our goodbyes to her and to Washington. We weren't sure if we would spend time among her historical walls again, or ever walk the National Mall, admiring the cherry blossoms that resembled puffs of cotton candy. But we did return. This time we were 18. The White House welcomed us back and there is no doubt that it is a magical place at any age.

As older girls, we were constantly inspired by the amazing people we met, politicians and great philosophers like Vaclav Havel. We dined with royalty, heads of states, authors, and activists. We even met the Queen of England and managed to see the Texas Longhorns after they won the National Championship. We traveled with our parents to foreign lands and were deeply moved by what we saw. Trips to Africa inspired and motivated us to begin working with HIV/AIDS and the rights of women and children all over the world.

Now, the White House ballrooms were filled with energy and music as we danced. The East sitting room became a peaceful place to read and study. We ran on the track in the front lawn, and squared off in sisterly bowling duels down in the basement alley.

This Christmas, with the enchanting smell of the holidays encompassing her halls, we will again be saying our good-byes to the White House. Sasha and Malia, it is your turn now to fill the White House with laughter.

And finally, although it's an honor and full of so many extraordinary opportunities, it isn't always easy being a member of the club you are about to join. Our dad, like yours, is a man of great integrity and love; a man who always put us first. We still see him now as we did when we were seven: as our loving daddy. Our Dad, who read to us nightly, taught us how to score tedious baseball games. He is our father, not the sketch in a paper or part of a skit on TV. Many people will think they know him, but they have no idea how he felt the day you were born, the pride he felt on your first day of school, or how much you both love being his daughters. So here is our most important piece of advice: remember who your dad really is.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Minutes from January 12, 2009 Meeting

Pima County Young Republicans


January 12, 2009


  • Congratulations to the new members of the Executive Board for Pima County: Justin, Blake, Trent
  • Discussion of future “fun” activities.


    • Wall Climbing
    • Bowling
    • Hiking
  • Discussion of future service projects.


    • VA Hospital
    • Rotate through districts offering help with whatever
    • City Council elections are coming up—knock on doors for Republican candidates
    • Mounting our own voter registration drive
    • Designing and conducting a fundraiser event for the county party
  • Discussion of our New Year’s party. It was a success. $40.00 spent.
  • Justin (Vice Chair) volunteered to be in contact with the CR’s.
  • Officer’s Report
    • Justin requested a copy of by-laws
    • Will informed club about the upcoming National YR Meeting in Orlando. You can contact Will with questions or go to the national website.
    • The state convention will probably be late April. Elections will take place at that time.

Guest Speaker

  • Bob Westerman—the new Pima County Chairman, Republican Party

Additional Business

  • The members in attendance suggested and decided to rotate meeting places. The restaurants suggested are:
    • Coco’s
    • El Charro
    • El Parador
    • Old Pueblo Grill
    • Thunder Canyon Brewery’s patio when warmer

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Chairman of Pima County

At our January meeting Bob Westerman was our special guest. His contact information is as follows. His phone number is 780-2403 and his email is bwesterman

If you have any questions or concerns about the party get a hold of him

Mike Cole

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Young Republicans on the move

Hey Everyone
I hope to see all of you at our next meeting on Monday January 12, 2009 at 7:00 pm at Shogun Sushi at River and Oracle.
If you need a ride or directions let me know at 248-1258.

On the agenda
Talk about the Holiday party
Future of Pima County Republican Party
among other topics

I really want to congratulate three of our Young Republicans.
Blake Rebeling is Third Vice Chair on the Pima County Executive Board
Trent Humphries and Justin Pierce were elected as Members at Large.

We now have three people on the executive board here in the county. This is great that the county is finally getting some young blood in there.
Congrats to you three I know you will make a big difference on the board


Friday, January 9, 2009

Cute Video

Not everyone thinks soldiers are bad. Look at this video of dogs meeting this soldier at the door. It was voted best video of 2008 by Atlantic Magazine and shown on the O'Reilly Factor on Monday Jan 5, 2009.