Friday, November 21, 2008

Well informed Obama supporters

This is just some fun food for thought.

A new documentary filmmaker is making a documentary called "How Obama Got Elected" with interviews showing what Obama voters actually knew about Senator Government before they decided to elect him President. The documentary also shows how the media may have been responsible for directing people's opinions of the candidates. Some of the answers are really quite comical, but it is sad. Of course, I'm sure that you could find some pretty uniformed McCain voters too, but John Zogby recently ran a poll that showed just how uninformed Obama voters really were. You can go the the website to see the results.

My favorite part is when almost all interviewees say that Sarah Palin was the one who said that she campaigned in 57 states with only one to go. Of course, the person who said that was Barack Obama & he's about to become President of the United States.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please join the Pima County YRs in our 1st post-election meeting on Monday, Nov. 24 @ 7 pm

The Pima County Young Republican Club is excited to announce our first post-election meeting where we can get together & discuss the results of the November 4, 2008 election.

There was a lot that didn't go our way on Election Day, but there was also a lot that did. In Arizona, Republicans actually gained seats in both houses of the State Legislature. And this is very encouraging. It also appears that our governor, Janet Napolitano, might be taking a job with the Obama Administration, so we no longer have to deal with her vetoing good legislation every time it makes its way to her desk. And in one of the most important developments on Election Day, Amendments protecting the definition of marriage passed in Arizona, California, and in Florida.

Our meeting will take place at its normal location, Shogun Sushi, on the northeast corner of Oracle & River Rds. The meeting will be held on Monday, November 24 & will begin @ 7 pm.

Joining us at our meeting as a special guest will be former State Representative Randy Graf, who also ran twice for Congress in CD8. He will give his analysis of how events unfolded, along with his opinions of what the Republican Party needs to do in order to move forward. Some Republicans, such as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, have suggested that the Republican Party needs to abandon its conservative principles in order to win future elections. This will be one of the topics of discussion at our meeting.

The meeting will be a time to reflect & a time to plan how we will move forward as a Club & as a Party. With Democrats holding large majorities in both the US House & Senate, it is important that Arizona remain a conservative refuge. We want to do our part to ensure this.

Please RSVP with Tyler Mott if you will be able to attend the meeting. It is an exciting time & we cannot give up or become discouraged. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Tyler Mott
Pima County Young Republican Club

Please be true! Janet Napolitano might be leaving Arizona for job with Obama Admin

If press reports are true, Arizonans can breathe easily for the first time in years. Governor Janet Napolitano looks like she will finally be leaving us alone. She appears to be the pick of President-elect Government for his Secretary of Homeland Security.

Now, the good part: what this means to us is that Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer, a Republican, will become Governor of Arizona! With Republican gains in both houses of the State Legislature and some of our more liberal Republicans being replaced by more Conservative Republicans, this is great news for everybody.

All of Napolitano's ridiculous vetoes of the previous 5 1/2 years will be a thing of the past. We will no longer have a person like Napolitano who is staunchly pro-abortion vetoing common sense abortion restrictions at the state level.
Napolitano's opposition to common sense border security policies can no longer be blamed on the federal government either. She will either have to do the right thing and upset her illegal alien base by enforcing strong border security policies or do what we think she will, which is nothing & show that she is really part of the problem.
Her budgets disasters will also be a thing of the past. Arizona will have true conservative governance once again! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And today starts a new day.

Happy days are here again!

It seems like we here in Arizona might be the only beneficiaries to this year's election results anywhere in America. Good riddance Janet. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The loyal opposition to President-elect Government begins

Well, the election is over & I have to report that we woke up today & everything was still ok. When Democrats lost in 2000, 2002 & 2004, many of them were severely depressed. Some were even suicidal. And of course, many cried about Republicans somehow magicly stealing the elections. Republicans have always been more mature than that. Our lives don't depend on the government & with Senator Government now President-elect Government, we will still be ok.

We will support the new President-elect whenever he is right on an issue & we will bitterly oppose him whenever he is wrong on issues. Republicans are now the loyal opposition. We will fight & we will fight hard. The last thing that I feel today is depressed.

I am actually quite releaved. As usual, the Democrats made a major strategic blunder by setting their expectations too high. They over promised & underperformed. Most importantly, there will be no filibuster-proof US Senate. Democrats will likely have somewhere between 56-58 Senators. That is well short of the 60 needed to avoid filibusters.

Also, the great news from yesterday included the fact that Proposition 102 passed in Arizona placing a ban on gay marriage in the Arizona Constition. This went along with a victory for Proposition 8 in California which also passed and reversed the judicial fiat that had forced gay marriage on Californians just a few months ago. There should be no right to marry for people who believe that they are gay. Marriage is a privelegde & is a covenant between three parties: a man, his wife & God. A Constitutional ban on gay marriage also passed in Florida where it needed to receive over 60% of the vote.

In other good news from yesterday, Democrats in the State Legislature had been openly clamoring about the possibility of Democrats gaining control of both houses of the Arizona State Legislature. But instead of that happening, Republicans gained seats! And conservatives replaced some of the more liberal Republicans who had retired from the State Legislature.

I will go over these races soon, but in regard to Obama's victory, there is a strong posibility that liberal Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano will join an Obama Administration and leave us in Arizona alone finally. If Napolitano leaves, it is highly unlikely that she will run for US Senate against John McCain in 2010. And with the State Legislature becoming more Republican & more conservative, it is even more likely that Napolitano will take a job for Obama in order to avoid a more hostile State Legislature. If Napolitano does resign for Governor, then Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer will become Arizona's next Governor & we Republicans will have almost full control of state government once again.

In other words, there were many things that should make a person happy about yesterday's election results. If anyone is still feeling down, cheer up because we have an amazing line up of talented individuals who are now ready to lead the Republican Party back to the White House in 2012!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Showtime!

Today's the big day! John McCain & Sarah Palin need your support. And so does the rest of the Republican Team. Don't forget to VOTE & make sure that your likeminded family & friends get to the polls too.

Voting is open until 7 pm. Call Pima County Republican HQ @ 520-321-1492 if you need a ride to the polls. If you don't know where your polling station is, click here.
If you can spare a few minutes, Republican HQ can also put you to work to get our Republicans elected. Good luck & God Bless America.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama vowed in January to BANKRUPT American coal industry!

The latest discovery is that Senator Government has been lying about his support for clean coal. He actually said that he wants to bankrupt the coal industry in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle back in January.

It's crunch time & we NEED your help!

Greetings Fellow Pima County YRs-

We have only 1 more day until Election Day! And we need your help! Depending on where you live, there are many phone banking opportunities tomorrow & Election Day. We also have many positions open for poll watchers, poll runners & volunteers of every sort on Election Day!


If you can help for even 30 minutes tomorrow or Election Day, we could use your help.

Start by going to Pima County Republican Party headquarters @ 5447 E. 5th Street, Suite 100 in Tucson (directions here) or calling them @ 520-321-1492 if you live in Central, East or South Tucson.

If you live in North, Northwest Tucson, Marana, or Oro Valley, then our Northwest headquarters @ 1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Suite 111 in Oro Valley (directions here) might be better for you on Election Day. You can call Linda @ 520-825-0334.

We have a lot of big races!

Of course, the big one is the race for President & John McCain & Sarah Palin are coming on strong! Help us prove the polls wrong on Election Day.

After that, we have a big race for Congress in District 8 & Tim Bee needs your help too!

Our biggest races for the State Legislature are in Districts 26 & 30. Al Melvin, Vic Williams, & Marilyn Zerull could really use your help making phone calls to get supporters out for them. Our big races in District 30 are for the State House. In that district, Frank Antenori & Dave Gowan really need your help. The last thing in the world that we need is a State Legislature that will do the bigging of Janet Napolitano. There are many other big races for State Legislature also. And many of these candidates have talked at our meetings.

The last big, big race is for Pima County Supervisor in District 3. We need to get Barney Brenner elected to the board. That will give Republicans the majority on the board & should give us the advantage when redistricting comes around after the next Census. Barney has asked for our help & I will be helping him on Election Day. Any of you who would also like to help with Barney's election, please let me know.

If any of you have any questions about where to go to help, you can call me @ 520-444-6280.

*Regarding voting, make sure that you vote! Voting closes @ 7 pm this Tuesday. If you have a Vote-by-Mail Ballot, it must be received in the mail no later than 7 pm that Tuesday. SO, IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE TO MAIL YOUR BALLOT BACK NOW! But don't fear, you can also drop your ballot off at any polling station before 7 pm on Tuesday & it will still be counted.

If you have questions about where to go to vote, click on this link & it will tell you where your polling place is. If you have any other questions about the voting process, you can call the Pima County Recorder's Office @ 520-740-4330.

Good luck & we will win on Tuesday if we work as hard as we can these last couple days!