Monday, May 19, 2008

Reminder of tonight's meeting!

This is just a reminder about tonight's meeting at Shogun Sushi at 7:00 pm. Shogun is on the the northeast corner of River & Oracle Rds.

Our speaker tonight will be Joe Higgins who is running for the Pima County Board of Supervisors. He is a local entrepreneur and wants younger Republicans to be actively involved in his campaign.

We also have a special guest speaker tonight, Julia Blair, who is coming down from Scottsdale to talk about the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative. She will speak to us about circulating petitions to get the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative on the ballot. If it gets enough valid signatures, the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative is going to be on the November ballot with the purpose of banning racist programs, such as affirmative action, in Arizona college admissions. Anyone can be a volunteer or paid petition circulator. Ms. Blair will have a few minutes to speak, and she'll stay after and fill out paperwork with anyone who wants to circulate. More information about the initiative can be found at

Please, for anybody who is planning on attending tonight's meeting and is yet to get back to me, please do so ASAP. Thanks.

-Tyler Mott

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joe Higgins to speak at next YR meeting on May 19th

I am pleased to announce that the speaker of our May 19th meeting @ 7:00 pm @ Shogun Sushi on the northeast corner of Oracle & River Rds. will be Joe Higgins, candidate for Pima County Supervisor in District 1. Mr. Higgins is a local entrepreneur and is involved in a number of local charities. Joe is also a graduate of the UA.

Mr. Higgins will be running a Primary challenge campaign against longtime Republican incumbent Ann Day. Joe is seeking help on his campaign and especially wants the help of younger Republicans and conservatives.

Although, as a club, the Pima County Young Republicans does not endorse candidates before they have won their respective Party Primaries, all club members are welcome and encouraged to help our Republican candidates that they support at all stages in the election process. We also encourage Pima YRs to run for public office themselves.

For more information about Joe Higgins and his campaign, please click on this link:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Two tickets left for Monday's game!

Just to let everybody know, we've got two extra Sidewinders tickets left for Monday's game @ 6:30. If anybody would like them, please let me know. First come; first served.

Also, if you are planning on going to the game on Monday, please let me know.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tucson Sidewinders & new meeting date!

Hey everybody!I'm excited to announce a fun change of plans for the club. The Pima County YRs will be moving our official monthly meeting back a week in order to go to next Monday's Tucson Sidewinders game! The May 12 game starts at 6:30 pm. Please feel free to invite out your family as well & we can make it a club & family night!

We're seeing what we can do about getting free tickets for the club. Either way, if we are unable to get free tickets, tickets at the gate are really quite inexpensive. I'll send out another email to let everybody know about the tickets. This is the last year that we'll have the Sidewinders here in town & we should all take advantage of as many games as we can while we can. For more information about game times and promotions go to:

With the addition of next Monday's Sidewinder game to our club schedule, we will be moving our regularly scheduled meeting to the following Monday, May 19 @ Shogun Sushi. I will get details to the club about our May 19th meeting ASAP. If you have any questions about the meeting or the Sidewinders' game please feel free to call me at 520-444-6280.

Thanks for your support & understanding with these changes & I hope to see you all out at the game & our next meeting.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Welcome back

I'm Sorry that I haven't blogged in such a long time. I'm going to use the tired old excuse that all bloggers do when they haven't blogged in a while that they have been SOOOO busy. But it is pretty true with me. I was out of commission for almost 2 1/2 weeks for medical reasons. But hopefully I'm back on top of my game again now. So, I'm going to attempt to blog more often again. Please let me know if you have any funny things that you'd like for me to post.

In the world of politics, a lot has been going on with Obama's racist former preacher doing everything in his power to prove his racist position that no non-white person can ever be elected President of the United States. It appears that for the Reverent Wright an Obama Presidency would prove to be incorrect everything that Rev. Wright has preached for all of these years. I would never make the argument that racism in America is dead, but the sick views that Rev. Wright espouses are wrong and do bring into questions whether guilt by association is appropriate in regard to Obama's ties to Wright. As I paraphrase from somewhere that I read in the blogosphere: "Didn't the Democrats try to destroy President Bush by using guilt by association tactics when talking about Bush and his friend Enron's Ken Lay?"

In another piece of news: Hillary has a bit of momentum in the fight for liberal standard bearer but the nasty fight between Hillary and Obama just seems to be getting more and more bitter which only helps our candidate Senator John McCain! So I say: let them fight!