Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The loyal opposition to President-elect Government begins

Well, the election is over & I have to report that we woke up today & everything was still ok. When Democrats lost in 2000, 2002 & 2004, many of them were severely depressed. Some were even suicidal. And of course, many cried about Republicans somehow magicly stealing the elections. Republicans have always been more mature than that. Our lives don't depend on the government & with Senator Government now President-elect Government, we will still be ok.

We will support the new President-elect whenever he is right on an issue & we will bitterly oppose him whenever he is wrong on issues. Republicans are now the loyal opposition. We will fight & we will fight hard. The last thing that I feel today is depressed.

I am actually quite releaved. As usual, the Democrats made a major strategic blunder by setting their expectations too high. They over promised & underperformed. Most importantly, there will be no filibuster-proof US Senate. Democrats will likely have somewhere between 56-58 Senators. That is well short of the 60 needed to avoid filibusters.

Also, the great news from yesterday included the fact that Proposition 102 passed in Arizona placing a ban on gay marriage in the Arizona Constition. This went along with a victory for Proposition 8 in California which also passed and reversed the judicial fiat that had forced gay marriage on Californians just a few months ago. There should be no right to marry for people who believe that they are gay. Marriage is a privelegde & is a covenant between three parties: a man, his wife & God. A Constitutional ban on gay marriage also passed in Florida where it needed to receive over 60% of the vote.

In other good news from yesterday, Democrats in the State Legislature had been openly clamoring about the possibility of Democrats gaining control of both houses of the Arizona State Legislature. But instead of that happening, Republicans gained seats! And conservatives replaced some of the more liberal Republicans who had retired from the State Legislature.

I will go over these races soon, but in regard to Obama's victory, there is a strong posibility that liberal Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano will join an Obama Administration and leave us in Arizona alone finally. If Napolitano leaves, it is highly unlikely that she will run for US Senate against John McCain in 2010. And with the State Legislature becoming more Republican & more conservative, it is even more likely that Napolitano will take a job for Obama in order to avoid a more hostile State Legislature. If Napolitano does resign for Governor, then Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer will become Arizona's next Governor & we Republicans will have almost full control of state government once again.

In other words, there were many things that should make a person happy about yesterday's election results. If anyone is still feeling down, cheer up because we have an amazing line up of talented individuals who are now ready to lead the Republican Party back to the White House in 2012!


  1. Obama's first mistake as president elect was forgetting to sing "To all you Republa-kins who helped me win I'd sincerely like to thank ya" in his victory speech.

  2. Good analysis of events. I especially appreciate the explanations about Janet Napolitano and the Filibuster info.

    I am also happy that the Marriage Proposition is forbidding gay marriage in Arizona and California. Who would have thought California would oppose gay marriage? I sure didn't.

    Explain this to me: Is the ban on gay marriage in Arizona official now? Was it that easy to do? Just pass a proposition and voila, we amend the constitution. What might be some foreseeable hurdles? Can our courts overturn the votes?

    Thanks for any info. I am pretty ignorant about government.

    Also you write:

    "There should be no right to marry for people who believe that they are gay."

    I pretty much agree with the first part. If gays are legally sanctioned to marry, then what is preventing people from doing all the rest? What is next polygamy? How about gay polygamy? If marriage doesn't stop with heterosexual marriage, then where does it stop?

    It is the last part in which I don't understand what you are saying: "people who believe that they are gay." What on earth do you mean by that? Is that a typo?

    Are you saying that those who claim to be gay merely believe that they are gay, and that they are actually delusional or misinformed? Are you saying gays can stop believing they are gay, the same way I chose to stop believing in Santa Clause?

    I won't say anything else. I would like to hear your explanation on this. I was just surprised to read that.

  3. If Napolitano does resign for Governor, then Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer will become Arizona's next Governor & we Republicans will have almost full control of state government once again.

    I learned something new today. The State of Arizona has no Lt. Governor at all ! I'm from Florida and moved in Tucson one year ago. So I'm still new to my second home state. Take easy on me. God bless Arizona !

    FYI: I am Black Conservative and registered libertarian. I did not vote Barack Obama. I tired of having people point at me as being Obama lover cause I have had black skin. Oh boy ! That made me discomfort.

  4. Young Republicans need to get motivated, because we know all of these new arrivals will be registering as Democrats...

    See them here... arriving in Arizona... ROUND THE CLOCK... every day and every night...

    Border Invasion Pics

    BTW... How about getting off your young tushes and contributing videos and pictures??

    We need to keep the American public informed.

  5. Anonymous (Nov 9 - 6:30 AM)-

    You are correct; it only takes a majority vote of voters participating in a statewide election for a Constitutional Amendment to be added to Arizona's State Constitution. And California voters overwhelmingly passed a ban on "gay marriage" only 8 years ago.

    "Gay marriage" is not a right at all & those who advocate it are actually pressing a much more radical agenda. What I mean when I say "people who believe that they are gay" is just that. There is no true scientific evidence proving "a gay gene" or anything like that. There are only two options: either people are actually born gay or they choose to be gay or not resist urges to engage in such activities.

    People choose to do all sorts of things every day. Many of those things are considered to be wrong & immoral by a large percentage of the population. Any action or thought is a reaction to signals sent by the brain. There could be hundreds of reasons why a person believes that he or she is attracted to people of the same gender. But very few of those reasons could be viewed as making this a rational decision.

    Until there is true proof that homosexuality is genetic, then the best explanation of this activity would be as something that is unnatural & in opposition to the longstanding moral codes of almost every society in the history of the world.

  6. To clarify, what I meant to say was that California's vote did not surprise me because they had passed the exact thing only 8 years ago, except for this time it was binding since it is now part of California's Constitution.