Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Anti-War Left Ain't Gonna Like This

Joe Biden had some very aggressive words during his speech at the DNC tonight regarding the use of the US Military. He mentioned his (and Obama's desire) to send two more combat *batallions to Afghanistan. He also implied possible military action against Pakistan. This was followed by the threat of harsh consequences for Russia for their invasion of Georgia.

My question following Biden's mentioning of these things was how did the extreme anti-war fringe left that controls much of the Democrat Party react to hearing about escalating one war and possibly pushing the US Military into two more conflicts? One of those conflicts would be against a country with nuclear warheads and missiles.

The Democrats have attempted during this Convention to pretend like they don't hate the military, like they don't despise American patriotism & like they don't despise the concept of American Exceptionalism.

In other words, they have attempted to pretend that they are actually Republicans. So my question is this: have the Democrats possibly upset their political base of anti-American & fringe anti-war nutjobs?

It's a possibility. But don't hold your breath. Just remember how the anti-war left bit their tongues when Bill Clinton started bombing in Kosovo from 30,000 feet. The anti-war left would rarely complain about the actions or intentions of a Democrat President. I see Biden's talk to be no different.

But just think of what they'd be saying right now if Joe Biden had an "(R)" after his name.

*Correction: I had originally said about Biden's speech that: "...He mentioned his (and Obama's desire) to send two more combat brigades to Afghanistan." That was incorrect. This is just what I assumed he said when I went off memory because what he actually said seemed so implausible & inconsequential to me. Obama has called for two more brigades in Afghanistan, which have much larger and significant numbers than what Biden called for tonight which was two combat batallions.

By saying that he and Obama wanted "two batallions", Biden was greatly diminishing the amount of military power he would add in Afghanistan in order to hunt down bin Laden. But what Biden did say tonight, whether or not it was just a slip of the tongue, does bring into question the fact that neither Obama nor Biden has served in our military. Yet one will be running for Commander-In-Chief with the other one a single heart beat away from that job. John McCain's military experience really does matter.

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