Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lady Palin?

I think that this pick is extremely risky for Team McCain, but the more I hear about Governor Sarah Palin, the more I like!

I also almost feel like this might be one of those times when we have set our expectations WAY TOO HIGH which only makes it easier to have those expectations crushed by some minor flaw or setback. Can Palin remain in the Super Woman stratosphere that we have elevated her to in just one day? Almost impossible. She will also have the shortest learning curve I've ever seen to get completely acquainted with every single issue that is necessary to survive on the national stage.

But with that said, I can't help but like what I hear about Governor Palin.

So, I will set the expectation even higher & hopefully not to the peril of the McCain/Palin ticket.

Could Sarah Palin one day be America's version of Margaret Thatcher? She is strong and conservative. Governor Palin is patriotic & loves freedom and defending liberty. Will we someday be calling her Lady Palin as an American tribute to Lady Thatcher? But then again, she could end up completely flopping as a Vice Presidential nominee. Only time will tell. as the "American Iron Lady" just as Lady Thatcher was "Britain's Iron Lady"?

Then there's also the part of me that feels that this is just feeding into identity politics. I have always hated hearing people ask about Hillary: "Do you think that people would elect a female President?" My response has always been some version of disgust at the question with some type of "Duh!" And the most important caviat of all, "It's just like America electing a man, a Black, a White, a Jew, or a Christian or anybody else for that matter. It should solely depend on that person's politics and if that person is strong enough to lead America." It appears that Sarah Palin has the strong conservative outlook and is indeed tough enough to be Commander-In-Chief.

It could be one of those patronizing responses when people say that: "Motherhood is the most difficult job in the world." But in all honesty, what could possibly make a person stronger than being a good mother of 5? Well, being a mother of 6 or more. But that's about it.

Governor Palin seems to exude strength and confidence. And Governor Palin appears to be a strong fiscal & social Conservative to boot. I know that she'll just be the Vice President, and execpt for the rare exception of breaking Senate ties as its President, she'll mostly be cutting ribbons & doing other cerimonial things.

But if elected & if the more we hear about Governor Palin the better it continues to get, could it, oh could it be true that she will someday be "America's Iron Lady?"


  1. It appears that I'm not the first one who got the idea to call Sarah Palin "America's Iron Lady." The first person may have even been calling her this since June or earlier maybe. Yes, very high expectations for her indeed! I hope that she can live up to them. We will see soon enough.

  2. thanks for stopping by the contemporary conservative blog out of Central, Virginia.

    Iron Lady....that's the line we've got to push in the blogosphere to brand Palin....

    I can't give out my name or identity due to employment considerations, but I post under "ccMAXIMUS" on the blog.

  3. used your pic of Thatcher and here to the post:

  4. Thanks for commenting on my site, yes great minds do think alike!!!

    I actually saw Michael Reagan compare her to Magaret Thatcher in Newsmax, although I had thought about it prior to seeing the actual quote...

    Although, I have been calling her the GOP Wonder Woman for awhile; coincidentally, there is a Wonder Woman film in the production stage this year.

    Your post is dead on, totally agree with you. I love seeing the MSM trying to dredge up whatever slime they can against her, they were not prepared for this, they were salivating for Romney or Pawlenty!!!!

    It will backfire because disgruntled Clintonistas might not agree with Palin, but they don't want to see her beat up, with Talibanesque tactics.

    Lastly, and I am sure you know this, hypothetically, they can vote for Mac-Palin this fall, making gender politics history, while at the same time knowing that in 12', HRC will have one more go at it.