Monday, September 15, 2008

Terrible Slanders from the Far Left & Obama's Insensitivities on McCain's War Wounds

If you ever needed further reason for why the far left cannot win this election, look no further than the disgusting sleazy & utterly stupid things that Randi Rhodes, a radio talk show host formerly on the far left AirAmerica, said about Senator John McCain & Governor Sarah Palin.

First Rhodes said that John McCain:

"became very friendly with the North Vietnamese. They called him the prince. He was well treated actually. And he was well treated because he traded these propaganda interviews for good treatment."

Rhodes then went on to say that:

"Cindi McCain knew to limit herself to: 'I think that what my husband did in Vietnam was heroic' because she knows the truth too."

You can only imagine what I feel that they should do to someone like Rhodes who would outright mock the torture that John McCain suffered by saying that "He was well treated." The radio stations that play Rhodes need to dump her program or be dumped by the military for mocking the sacrifices that our brave soldiers make to serve America.

But was Rhodes done with that? Of course not. The demented Rhodes went on a few days later to slander Governor Sarah Palin by suggesting that she was a child molester, saying this about her:

She's friends with all of the teenage boys. You have to say no when your kids go 'Can we sleep over (at) the Palins?' 'No! No!'

These kinds of disgusting remarks could only be made by liberals. And the person who made them was considered to be the highest rated liberal radio talk show host on AirAmerica. It shows you that liberals agree with her. What should liberals be doing instead? They should be demanding she be fired and never get hired again anywhere! There is no way any station should continue to air this woman. Period. She is the most vile piece of sewer trash around. I can't make it any clearer.

In addition to Rhodes saying that McCain enjoyed being tortured as a Vietnam P.O.W. for 6 years, Obama himself got into the act this past weekend by releasing a TV ad making fun of McCain who has said that he does not use a computer. Not only does the Obama computer ad insult a heck of a lot of voters who also have a tough time navigating their PCs, many of these are older, high propensity voters as well.

Regardless of his attack on older voters, Obama has really (inadvertently or not) made a bad political move here. And to make matters worse for Obama, we now find out that the reason why McCain doesn't use a computer is because of his war wounds. His wounds make it extremely difficult and painful to type.

Obama has yet to apologize for the ad. So, there's the far left in all of their glory. Making fun of the sacrifices of our men & women in uniform. What's next for the far left? Saying that an Iraq war vet who's had his legs amputated due to an IED doesn't know how to run? Just remember which side hates the military & and which side also spat upon our Vets so often.


  1. "Just remember which side hates the military & and which side has also spat upon our Vets."

    Are you seriously trying to say that Democrats hate the military? Don't you think that statement is a little over the top?

    You also wrote

    "If you ever needed further reason for why the far left cannot win this election, look no further than the discusting sleezy & utterly stupid things that Randi Rhodes (said)..."

    Man, you make use of some radical word choices. Honestly you just loose credibility in my eyes when you call people names like that. Are you ever thinking about running for public office? You should consider the fact that people might quote these postings some time. That would be embarrassing.

    Or here you write:

    "It shows you that liberals agree with her. What should liberals be doing instead? They should be demanding her head! There is no way any station should continue to air this woman. Period. She is the most vile piece of sewer trash around. I can't make it any clearer."

    Listen to yourself. Read your own writing out loud. 'They should be demanding her head'?

    Who do you think you are calling another human being 'the most vile piece of sewer trash around'? What do you hope to accomplish with these words? Inspire hatred?

    Tyler, I don't know if you wrote this or merely cut and pasted this article from some other Republican site, but this is really low level. You don't win any favor in my eyes posting stuff like this.

    You are demonizing fellow americans, making blanket statements and jumping to some serious (unfounded) conclusions. You need to consider that words carry power and the power you are wielding is one of insults and destruction. You aren't going to win anyone over like this.

    You should consider your position as chairman and ask yourself if you want the Republican party to be associated with this kind of language.

    I am ashamed for you. Maybe I don't get around enough, but I never hear people talk like that. It is frightening.

    I haven't had a chance to read much more of this web site. I also don't know if I want to. I know there are radicals out there and I guess this site falls into that spectrum.

    Whatever happened to that guy Chris? I don't remember him being like this. Maybe you guys need some new leadership.

    Oh by the way, if you believe in free speech then publish this post. If you don't have any guts, then just delete it and this response will forever remain between you and me.


  2. Why are you posting what a talk show host said? Who cares! We need to talk about issues rather than whine over what someone says. There's a thing called free speech!

    Tyler C Mott should talk about illegal immigration and how it's wrong for employers to hire them for cheap labor.


  3. Anonymous-

    Thank you for reading the blog. Please do come back often & feel free to comment as long as you will continue to keep it clean.

    I do find your dissatisfaction with this post to be slightly ironic. I am guessing that you are a liberal since you seem so offended by my saying: "Just remember which side hates the military & which side has also spat upon our Vets."

    But as you imply, I did not say that the Democrat Party hates the military. I was reminding people of which side hated the military. And by that side I would be speaking of the far left liberal nutjobs who have long hated our troops & who have spat on them for years.

    It wasn't conservatives who spat upon our troops as they returned home for Vietnam. There are many good men & women in the Democrat Party who are very patriotic, Joseph Lieberman to name one, but the anti-troop, anti-military, anti-American would find his or her home as far from conservatives & Republicans as possible. So, yes, a large number of liberals hate the military.

    Now, you also think that I'm way over the top in my outrage toward what Randi Rhodes has said.

    I would never be embarrassed in my life for being outraged about anybody who has mocked a former 6 year P.O.W. who was tortured for years and beaten so badly that many of his bones were broken multiple times.

    John McCain cannot even raise his arms high enough to solute the flag of the Country that he fought for because of that torture. John McCain could not teach his children by example to ride bicycles because he can't bend his knees like that.

    Randi Rhodes is scum. And I find it offensive that you would think that my calling her out is more offensive then what she has said. As they say, "if the shoe fits."

    Is it more offensive to suggest that someone is child molester or to use conjecture by saying that someone "is the most vile piece of sewer trash around?" Well, if somebody with no basis whatsoever implied that your mother, adult sister, or friend liked to entertain herself with teenage boys, I think that you'd be furious too. What if Rush Limbaugh would have leveled this charge against Hillary? Of course, you would have been outraged.

    And obviously, I was being figurative when I said that liberals should have demanded Rhodes' head for implying that Governor Palin was a child molester. I would hope that you don't seriously think that I'd want anybody's head. Rhodes can say whatever she wants. The 1st Amendment protects that. But she should also be held responsible for the things that she says. And for mocking implying that Sarah Palin was a child molester, Randi Rhodes should be fired immediately.

    I did not attack Obama as against the military if that's what you think. I personally like Barack Obama a lot as somebody who I think is very thoughtful & I like the way his mind works, although I think that Obama's politics stink. But, Obama's ad is offensive & insensitive to anyone who has suffered torture as a P.O.W. I doubt that Obama would have known that McCain was unable to type because of war wounds when the ad was produced. And I would almost guarantee that Obama would have never released the ad if he had known that McCain couldn't type because of war wounds. But now that he does know, Obama ought to apologize.

    I find it humorous that the far left often fakes its own outrage. Well, just like I didn't take down your comment, I stand firmly by my original post & I hope that you look again at the things said by Randi Rhodes & that next time your criticism would be aimed where it should be. I hope that you don't agree with her that McCain's stay at the Hanoi Hilton was a delightful one.

  4. Paul you are right. We should focus on serious issues and mustn't be distracted by minor events.

    As for Tyler and the Young Republicans I must say I am very impressed. You leaped from a 2/10 to a 9/10 on my respect scale. Thanks for leaving my post up and responding to it so thoroughly. You truly love the foundational principals of America and believe in the freedom of speech.

    Just to set the record straight I don't consider myself a liberal, although I have been called that by a few people. I consider myself a free thinker and I don't like cool aid very much.

    I hope to respond to this post with more care in the future, but for now I will just drop a quick reply.

    First off I wasn't agreeing with the 'liberals' nor 'disagreeing' with your politics. You are entitled to your opinion and I am sure it is founded on some serious thought and study. I was concerned about the fact that you represent other young Republicans like myself and you are doing it in an unprofessional way by using such put downs and demeaning language.

    I got kind of upset the more I started writing. I am sure that my point didn't come across very well. If I had to sum it up I would say:

    "Look if you want to convince people that the Republicans are decent, honorable and respectable human beings then you need to present your position in a thoughtful and persuasive way. Calling people names and putting them down only makes you look like an inarticulate bully".

    I don't mean this following story as a mockery or anything, it just happens to be a representation of reality. I ended up showing my uncle these blog posts and he laughed really hard. He is a democrat who worked for the government for a long time. Anyway, he said that I should not have told you to improve your word choice or else you might win more people over to the Republican party. It was so funny. He said: "This guy is sabotaging his own party".

    Then he told me of a story of when he was in college. My uncle was undecided in college when it came to politics and some jerk in his dorm invited him to a Republican get together. My uncle rounded up a bunch of his friends and they ended up attending the meeting. At the meeting my uncle nominated the guy he didn't like for a vice presidents position and the guy ended up winning the vp position, because my uncles friends voted for him as well. My uncle was so proud of himself, because he didn't like that guy and he didn't like the republicans. He figured that nominating the guy to leadership was the best way to sabotage the republican party on his campus.

    Personally I don't think you are sabotaging the Republican party. Just be careful of the words you use. Try to maintain the 'verbal/moral high ground' compared to those 'liberals' you disagree with. It will be better for you, for the image of the young republicans and for the whole country if we can raise our standards. We don't need any more name calling. It shuts down discussion and debates. Lets be better than that.