Friday, September 5, 2008

Please Help Us Protect Marriage in Arizona!

I wanted to make this extremely important plea for help on an absolutely critical issue.

Marriage in America is under attack by extreme homosexual activists who want to completely redefine the family.

There are a number of states this year holding very big votes on the issue of protecting marriage. The two states where this issue is probably most important for those of us here in Pima County are the propositions on the ballot right here in Arizona & on the ballot of our large neighbor to the west, California.

In 2006, Arizona became the first & only state in the nation to have rejected a Marriage Amendment. Many have argued that this major defeat for Arizona families was because the amendment on the Arizona ballot in 2006 may have gone too far.

This year the simplified Amendment on the ballot will be PROPOSITION 102. The proposed Amendment to the Arizona Constitution reads as follows:
“Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”
We must pass PROPOSTION 102 in order to ensure that activist liberal judges cannot force Arizona to recognize the "marriages" of gays & lesbians performed in Arizona or elsewhere.

This year, Arizona needs to vote a resounding "Yes" on Proposition 102!

Since the liberal media and some very well-funded anti-religious hate groups will be pouring money & resources into the fight against the Arizona Marriage Amendment, Arizonans who want to protect & defend the family must give everything they can to help guarantee victory for Arizona families.

If you have questions about the Arizona Marriage Amendment or would like donate of your time or money to this cause, please visit the Arizona Marriage Amendment website @

The Arizona Marriage Amendment needs your financial help in order to get its message out to voters.

Also, the Marriage Amendment in California might be the single most important issue on the ballot anywhere in America this year. If passed, it will reverse the ruling by judicial fiat of 4 tyrants on California Supreme Court.  If it fails, California is likely to begin exporting "gay marriage" all over America very soon.

If you believe that this is an important issue & have the resources to help our neighbors in California pass their Marriage Amendment to reverse the decision of 4 liberal California Supreme Court Justices, please help them also by donating at

Thank you for your supoort of Prop 102 & of the sactity of marriage.

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  1. Thanks for defending marriage! If you'd like a button to add to your blog that takes readers directly to the Yes for Marriage website, you can use the one I created on THANKS!