Monday, September 1, 2008

Well, Joe Says Something Else Stupid

This would be listed under "ugh, well, ugh." I don't know how to respond to such comments. Once again, Joe Biden says something that was utterly stupid.

The latest comment when being asked about the lady who is running against him for Vice President, Biden said: “She’s good-looking." Here's the link @ CNN. Biden actually says that a difference between him & Governor Palin is that she's good-looking & he's not.

First of all, how is Governor Palin supposed to debate the guy? He's obviously completely irrational. There are certain lines that you're not supposed to cross when talking about the opposite sex professionally. Obviously, his idiotic comments about race, a few of which are mentioned in previous posts weren't enough. She's supposed to sit down & debate with Joe Biden the fate of the Free World while also worrying if he's looking at her legs!

Now, Biden has gone sexist! He is feeding into the line that what matters most about a woman is how she looks on the outside. Yes, in politics as in everything else, it is important to look professional & presentable. And Governor Palin does look very professional, but whether or not she is physically attractive is absolutely unimportant! Let's get to the important issues. And Joe Biden, stop dreaming about our Vice Presidential candidate!

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