Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Barney Benner Fundraiser with Hugh Hewitt

Greetings fellow Pima YRs-

I just received this important message from our YR State Chairman, Wil Westholm. Anyone who can make it to this coming Sunday's fundraising event for Barney Brenner, should really do everything in his or her power to attend. We need to do everything to support Barney in his race for Pima County Supervisor. This fundraising event will be an excellent opportunity to support Barney, especially since we are getting such a killer deal to be able to go & see Hugh Hewitt, one of the premier radio talk show hosts in America.

Here's the message from Wil (slightly edited):


I just got off the phone with Barney Brenner, and he is having an event with radio host Hugh Hewitt this coming Sunday, and he is willing to let YR's in on a special deal. Tickets for the event are normally $100, with VIP photo session included. However, he's willing to let YR's into the main event for $50- and that's either $50 of that person's own money or money raised for Barney's campaign. That's right... for every $50 we raise for Barney's campaign, we can get one YR into the Hugh Hewitt event. If someone finds a person willing to write a $390 check (the max allowed under campaign law for any individual contributor), we can get 8 YR's into the event. Checks, of course, are to be made out to Brenner For Supervisor.

If you can pass this info on to the rest of the group, Barney would really appreciate the support. If nothing else, it's a good chance to contribute to a worthy local political campaign and see a nationally-known radio host for a low price, or just a little fundraising effort. If the CR's are interested, they can get in on this too. We want to have as good a turnout as possible for Barney's sake... and ours.


(End of message)

So, if anybody knows of somebody willing to donate $390 to Barney's campaign, we can get 8 of us into the campaign event! Let me know ASAP! Thanks everybody. As I've said before, for us here in Southern Arizona, Barney has one of the most important races in the entire Election. Thanks again. And I'll let people know if somebody is willing to donate to get us in. Either way, as Wil said, $50 is a very small donation to see Hugh Hewitt & get your picture taken with him.


Tyler Clinton Mott
Pima County Young Republicans


Flier about Fundraiser. Click to expand. (Info on flier doesn't include our smokin' YR discount.)

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