Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And the Winners Are...

Sorry this took so long to send out, but there was one really close Primary race that kept the election results in doubt. It now appears that we have our winners from the most hotly contested Primary races with the exception of one race for the State House in LD26.

But first, on behalf of the Pima County Young Republican Club, I want to congratulate the candidates who won on Primary Night for running good campaigns. We also want to give kudos to members of our club who worked hard on those winning campaigns.

We also want to thank members of our club who may have worked hard on campaigns that didn't quite make it but fought hard anyway. There were some extremely close races during this Primary Election. In campaigns, there are always winners & losers, and we always hope that the best man or woman wins.

Republican voters in Pima County had many fine candidates from which to choose. And we hope that the best candidates are the ones who ended up winning this last Tuesday. As a club, the Pima County YRs are required to support our Republican candidates once they have won their respective Primary campaigns. So I hope that you all join the club in supporting our candidates onto victory in November.

With all of that said, the most hotly contested races appeared to be the State Senate race in LD26, the State House races in LD26 & LD30, and the Pima County Supervisor race in District 1. The results from these races are as follows:

We congratulate Al Melvin who won a hard fought campaign against State Representative Pete Hershberger to be the Republican candidate for State Senate. Both candidates worked very hard, and we now hope can put their differences behind them & unite in order to beat the Democratic candidate in November.

We also congratulate Vic Williams who won the most votes in the Republican Primary for State House in LD26. Vic has told me that he knocked on over 8500 doors during the Primary campaign - showing how much hard work in campaigns pays off. For the right to join Vic on the November ballot, we have a nail biter between Marilyn Zerull and club member Trent Humphries. I know that Club Vice Chair Michael Cole worked hard on the Humphries campaign. I am still not sure if they are done counting votes, but as of Tuesday, September 09, 2008 at 4:21:07 pm, Marilyn had a 50 lead over Trent. We hope them both the best.

*On an extremely sad side note, Marilyn's husband passed away this past weekend of a heart attack. Our thoughts & prayers go out to her and her family during this extremely difficult time. Marilyn had just recently lost her mother & had to miss many days of campaigning in order to tend to family business.

In the LD30 State House races, we want to congratulate David Gowan who received the most votes in the Republican Primary followed by Frank Antenori. Please do what you can to support both of them make it to the State House & make it harder for Janet Napolitano to get her liberal agenda force fed to Arizona voters.

In the Election for County Supervisor in Supervisorial District 1, we congratulate incumbent Ann Day beat back a fierce insurgent campaign by Joe Higgins. Our Club Treasurer Emily Mitchell worked hard on the Higgins campaign.

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