Thursday, September 4, 2008

Choices for the Next Vice President of the United States

And in order to remind everybody one more time....

We have her on our side!

And they have him...


  1. I received a forward of the "Sarah Palin Banned Books" e-mail today. I heard that it is actually false. Does anyone have any info. on this--so I can tell my liberal uncle it's not true?


  2. That one is pretty easy to refute. There are a bunch of blogs out there already refuting all of the ridiculous assertions about Governor Palin.

    In regard to this particular accusation, first of all, a number of the books on that email were not even published or written yet when the book banning crusade by Sarah Palin was allegedly launched.

    Michelle Malkin is one who has pointed this out nicely on her blog. Here's the link:

    There are many other falsehoods being spread about Governor Palin, and many more that will be completely made up in the next couple months. It's always a good idea to consider the source.

    Just remember, if they're liberal, then they are probably lying.