Thursday, July 10, 2008

Arizona YR State Convetion This Saturday @ Alice Coopers'town in Phoenix

I just just wanted to pass on a message about our Arizona Young Republican League State Convention that I received this evening from our YR State Chairman, Wil Westholm.

After a long and frustrating search for a meeting place, he has announced that we will be getting together at Alice Coopers'town in downtown Phoenix this Saturday, July 12 @ 1:00pm.

Alice Coopers'town is located at 101 E Jackson St, Phoenix 85004 near the southwest corner of the US Airways Center where the Phoenix Suns play. We'd love to see you up there to show how strong Republican support is from Southern Arizona. If you would like to go but might need a ride, please contact Tyler Mott to set up carpooling arrangements.

Since there's not really any pressing business to tend to at this convention, there's no need to find a more formal meeting place, and this year's convention will be treated as more of an informal get-together than a formal convention. So, this could be a great opportunity for each of us to meet like-minded young Republican activists from across the State. It should be a lot of fun!

If you will be in attendance, please let Wil Westolm know by Saturday morning by contacting him at; however, if you come at the last minute, you won't be turned away. I hope to see you there!

Also as an FYI, Arizona YR Vice-Chairman, Jason Richmond, is moving back east. So, this will create a vacancy for the office of Vice-Chair. If anybody is interested in stepping into this role, please let Wil Westholm know. We'll be appointing a new Vice-Chair soon, so we can have everyone in place as we get into the election season.

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