Monday, March 26, 2012

Tonight's debate was great!

Tonight's debate over at CDO High School went great for those of you who missed it.  We had 350 people in attendance and many others throughout the entire congressional district listening to it on KVOI 1030 AM's radio station or KVOI's online live streaming of the debate.  All four candidates did a great job of showing why Republicans have a much better vision for America than their Democratic opposition.

We conducted a straw poll at the debate to see how activists and everybody else in attendance planned on voting in the race.  And we just finished counting the ballots for our straw poll.  I was quite surprised by the results myself.  I'll be releasing the results tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM on Joe Higgin's radio show "Wake-Up Tucson" on KVOI 1030 AM "The Voice" Radio Network.  And I will be posting the results here shortly thereafter.

We want to thank all of the the candidates again for taking part in tonight's debate and we want to thank all of the many volunteers who helped with everything.


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